Emmy Back To Eating Israel

After two previous outings, Emmy is back to eating Israeli snacks.

Her Hebrew pronunciation is actually quite impressive. Perhaps she can teach the DouchebloggerTM a thing or two.

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  • Ilan

    Oops- Krembo is actually a brand name owned by Strauss, and this is one of their competitor’s products, which is actually called Manbo… I still prefer the Manbo over the Krembo.

    They don’t taste the same…

  • dabney_c

    Mekupelet – the chocolate she says looks like cilia on tripe (lol) is exactly like the Cadbury Flake bar. And her description of that jam-filled cookie as shaped like a pupa made me laugh out loud. She must be a biology major with all those references.


    Hi Emmy!!! there are new snacks in ISRAEL!!!! i will be glad to send you some more!! ( for free of course) just tell me were to…………… :-) have a nice day from ISRAEL!

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