Exclusive: The Seven Additional Demands The Palestinians Did Not Want Publicized

Mahmoud Abbas


As Judge Dan posted, Mahmoud Abbas has made a new set of demands to resume peace negotiations.

He listed 7 widely reported in the media, but in an Israellycool exclusive, I can reveal there are another 7 demands.

8. Allowing palestinians to chant “Death to the Jews”, “Death to the sons of monkeys and pigs” and other variants of the same theme.

9. Resurrecting Farfur the mouse.

10. Employing Naqba Dwarf as a security guard at the Knesset.

11. Expanding the range of flavors of Israeli dairy products.

12. Provide palestinians with easier transit into Israel for medical treatment. Especially for eye operations.

13. Free dance lessons for palestinian policemen

14. More sex gum for all.

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  • cba


  • mzk1_1

    Honestly, are these any more preposterous than the ones he actually made? As I say of the Left, you can’t satirize these people; the next day they go out and top it.

  • ScottAdler

    And when we taker over, everyone must tie their shoes sideways!

    And everyone will have to change their underwear twice a day, and wear it on the outside, so we can check!

    All women must wear tents in public, and receive permission from the ground if they walk on it.

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