Mahmoud Abbas’ 7 Preposterous Demands To Resume Negotiations


grumpy abbas1Yesterday, Israel said the fourth round of the NYT Islamic terror whitewash material palestinian prisoner release won’t happen, and so the tenth “It’s now or never” peace talks ended in failure. We’ve already had three batches of murderous palestinians released, and we received nothing in return.

So now Abbas has made a new set of demands – just to resume negotiations.

  1. Written message from Netanyahu recognizing the 1967 armistice lines as Palestine’s borders, with East Jerusalem as its Capital.
  2. Release 1200 Palestinian prisoners, including Marwan Barghouti, Fuad Shubaki and Ahmad Saadat.
  3. Lift the siege on Gaza.
  4. Grant amnesty and bring back the Palestinians deported after the Church of the Nativity siege.
  5. Stop settlement construction and institution building in occupied Jerusalem, and grant free access.
  6. Allow 15000 Palestinian reunification with families and grant them Israeli citizenship.
  7. Give PA complete control over Area C, and stop military operations and arrests in Areas A and B.

Reality check, these demands, which are “final status” matters, are what Abbas is demanding Israel do JUST TO RESUME TALKS.

I wonder what his actual peace talks demands are? That all Israelis take a long swim in the sea?

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