Reader Post: Political Pale Double Standard in Hi-tech ?

Miguel de IcazaTech giant Miguel de Icaza is on an anti-Israel crusade which has been swept under the rug.

This week Brendon Eich (creator of JavaScript && Firefox) was forced to resign as CEO of Mozilla by the PC crowd for donating to a pro-straight marriage charity.

I wonder if they’ll do same for HAMAS SUPPORTER Miguel de Icaza , CEO of Xamarin (Microsoft’s new best buddy)

Miguel de Icaza has a long history of anti-Israel activity. For instance, he wrote this in support of Mearsheimer and Walt’s “Jewish Lobby” conspiracy theory book:

And in the middle of one of the corridors I found that both John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, the authors of the “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” will betalking at the Stata Center at MIT on Wednesday.

The book has been excellent so far. It expands on a paper that was widely discussed last year but goes into a lot more depth.

And here he refers to Israel as a “terrorist state”

The hi-tech outcry in support of LGBT against Brendon Eich is paralleled by the awkward silence over de Icaza’s anti-Israel campaign.

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  • JReuben1

    Miquel di Icaza read HOLOCAUST DENIER Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry” & found it “Fascinating”
    He seems to be such a fan of Norman Finkelstein that Norman’s biopic photo is accredited to him:

    • AussieDave

      This is your post so you could have included it in there to begin with :)

      • cba

        Practice makes perfect ;)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Car bomb him. In the name of all that he espouses.

  • Abu_Zibby

    Some proportions, please.
    Miguel is a has-been, a troublemaking idiot and as of 2009 after the OOXML stunt a persona non grata in much of the Open-Source community. He is in no way comparable with Brendon Eich who will be missed dearly.

    • DevilInPgh

      Does that mean he has nothing to with the GNOME desktop anymore?

      • Abu_Zibby

        That’s not true – Red Hat still has its weight behind the Gnome Desktop. It’s not as popular as it used to be, though.

        Miguel left Gnome back in 2013 ( He doesn’t seem to be much interested in Linux anymore, at all. He’s Microsoft’s problem now and they totally deserve him

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Mozilla has been taking a lot of heat from subscribers (or shall we say former subscribers) over dumping Eich.

  • Igal Tabachnik

    It’s sad when a well educated, extremely smart individual can be a blind bigot.

  • Jim from Iowa

    To call California’s Proposition 8 a pro straight marriage initiative is a bit much to swallow. What part of unconstitutional don’t you understand? And could you have picked a more anti-gay opinion writer than Mark Steyn, who feels put upon that he can no longer tell unfunny anti-gay jokes in this politically-correct environment, as background material for IsraellyCool readers? I think you could have made a better case here without being insensitive to the LGBT community.

    • JReuben1

      Jim, your focus on Steyn’s writing proves the point – discrimination against Gays is justifiably socially unacceptable – but the new anti-semitism is tolerated without a shrug – to the point that no one cares when a supporter of a Holocaust denier AND a genocidal terrorist organisation can get up on stage at a Microsoft conference to thunderous applause.

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