Mohammad Zoabi, Future Israeli Leader?

Meet Mohammad Zoabi, a young Israeli Arab with a good head on his shoulders.

Mohammad definitely doesn’t get his smarts from his aunt.

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  • Andrew Brehm

    After several bad Jewish leaders, I don’t see why Israel couldn’t do well with a few Arab leaders like Mohammed Zoabi.

    There are several Arab politicians in Israel whom I would vote for immediately. A Jewish state must be open for Jews but it doesn’t require that its leaders are necessarily Jewish.

    Quite apart from the fact that the likes of Mohammed Zoabi actually know a lot about the population dynamics in Israel and can therebor ve expected to propose solutions that really do help everybody in the country, it would also be interesting to see the “international community” boycott President or Prime Minister Mohammed Zoabi of Israel in protest of “Isreaeli apartheid”.

    • Jim from Iowa

      I wish more Israelis in positions of power felt the same way you do, Andrew. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman certainly doesn’t. He would redraw national borders to ensure Jewish super-majorities within the state of Israel. And I think he is much more excited about the prospect of having a Russian Jew serving as the prime minister rather than a native-born Israeli Arab. I wonder if Yvette has anyone in particular in mind for that job?

      • dabney_c

        Considering the kind of Israel-hating Arab MKs that have been voted into parliament, is it any wonder that some Israelis are a little cautious? It took your country 230+ years to vote in a Black president. You have yet to put a woman at the helm. In light of the fact that both African Americans and Female Americans do not, on the whole, call for the destruction of the USA, I think your country could have given them a break many, many decades ago.

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