Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Champ – Updated

I should be busy with Passover preparations, or even better getting some sleep.

But I read that Brandeis students and faculty want the university to withdraw an honorary degree being offered to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

“When the University announced this year’s honorary degree recipients, one choice stood out—Ayaan Hirsi Ali. As a Fellow with the Future of Diplomacy Project at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, Hirsi Ali has raised awareness of violence against women, focusing on honor killings and female genital mutilation. 

Hirsi Ali, however, has been outspoken about her Islamophobic beliefs. We urge University President Frederick Lawrence to rescind Hirsi Ali’s invitation to receive an honorary degree at this year’s commencement.”

Just how ignorant are US students and their teachers? Have they ever heard Hirsi Ali’s story? Who in the world came up with this in the student paper?

image Ayaan Hirsi Ali,

I confess I was ignorant until June 20, 2012.  I had never heard of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, but she was on a panel at the Israel President’s Conference in Jerusalem, Israel.

IMG_1131ic @REalJstreets

On the panel “Look at Tomorrow,” moderated by Udi Segal, were familiar names; Gabi Ashkenasi of IDF fame, Leon Wieseltier of literary fame, and Dennis Ross of US political fame.

But it was Hirsi Ali who stole the show, as she stood tall and proud on the stage and told her story and journey.

She was born into a Muslim family. But Brandeis calls her Islamophobic because she dares to criticize Islamic extremism?

If it is wrong for Hirsi Ali to warn of dangers of extreme Islam, then Brandeis has more to worry about than defending their Muslim students.

We all have more to worry about if this is the education that they are receiving.

What are the “real beliefs” of the Brandeis University campus that try to squash the voice of Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

After I went to sleep, it seems Islamic terrorism has won again.

Following a discussion today between President Frederick Lawrence and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ms. Hirsi Ali’s name has been withdrawn as an honorary degree recipient at this year’s commencement.

Full statement HERE.

Must run now feeling ill.


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Facebook Comments

  • Sharon A

    Joel, exactly why I was so disturbed by this newspaper editorial, Could the media in the US got further to the left in the near future?

  • Tzanchan77

    Doucehblogger Silverstein does the same. A KAPO POS from Seattle calling her an Islamophobe? Funny how he and Phil Weiss and their cohorts are all about protecting Islam, when it’s clear to even a little kid that this is about bashing Israel. Silverstein of course has a hard-on with Brandeis cuz they fired his ass

    • walt kovacs

      when did he work for brandeis?

      i thought the only actual gig he ever had was raising money for another org…and he stunk at that that

      • Tzanchan77

        It reminds me of an incident back in the late 1980s, when I was a fundraiser for Brandeis and it hired a fresh, young go-getter VP for development whom it snatched up from Cornell. He’d been placed in the job by a job recruiter whose company founder sat on the Brandeis board. No sooner did he say hello than he fired 15% of the fundraising staff including all the regional development staff (including yours truly). A few months later, the VP himself was gone. Everyone realized they’d made a big mistake. His departure was greased by the job recruiter, who promised to find him yet another job. And everyone was happy! What a nice, cozy set of relationships!

        In fact, I think this is but one of the reasons he is so bitter about Jews. He thinks he should have been a marcher, but he’s just a putz

    • walt kovacs

      dickie, phil, maxie and all their ilk…hate women

      its a fact

      • One4Zion

        they don’t…they hate women that go against their agenda of jew hating and islam pandering… they LOVE women like haneen zoabi, helen thomas, judith butler, etc..

        • walt kovacs

          i dont consider those to be women

          i stand on my comment

    • Herb Glatter

      How about a Facebook page titled Mondodreck to reflect the true nature of it’s founder?

  • walt kovacs

    all the women who have signed that petition should be forced to undergo genital mutilation, they way she was when she was 5

    then let them rethink their position regarding her “islamaphobia”

    filthy buggers

  • walt kovacs


    so the filthy buggers won

    • Sharon A

      The honor was withdrawn by Brandeis. Hirsi Ali stands even taller as Brandeis has gone to a new low.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Every time a woman is stoned to death or executed for being raped, send a $1 donation to some Muslim group in Brandeis’s name and copy them on it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hopefully Brandeis will soon call for the expulsion of all Jews…from Brandeis. Because you can’t make this stuff up.

  • JRmo

    nobody ever said standing up for what you believe in is easy, but people do notice

    • Sharon A

      People who did not know Hirsi Ali name or story will now. Hope some good will come out of that. Brandeis should not be happy with all the negative press. But their giving into CAIR is beyond scary.

  • Travis

    Brandeis, a university named after a proud Zionist is a place where totalitarianism rules and Israel hatred and Jew hatred is given free reign.

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