Reader Post: Official Obama Biography Already Stirring up Controversy

barack-obama-officialSimon & Garfunkel, one of the largest English-language publishing houses in the world, has secured the rights for President Barack Obama’s memoirs. Scheduled to be released the day after POTUS #44 leaves office, the authorized biography of Obama’s White House years is already generating controversy with the selection of colorful gonzo journalist Cyril Besmertnik as the book’s author.

A few of the one-time hand model’s working titles were recently leaked to the press, causing outraged senior White House staffers to call into question Obama’s judgment in insisting on Besmertnik as his official historian.

Working titles for the authorized Barack Obama biography:

1) Dreams of my Speech Writer

2) American Eagle, Clipped: On the Virtues of Leading from Behind

3) Yes We Didn’t!

4) The Death of Influence: U.S. Foreign Policy 2008-2016

5) Change is a Four-Letter Word

6) Tuesdays with Hassan: A True Twitter Love Story

7) Tax, Pray, Repeat: One Man’s Search for a Bottom-Up Economy

8) Nobel Pursuits: Winning Europe, Losing Face

9) Strange We Can Believe In: The Return of Detroit and other Domestic Adventures

10) Incoherence Abroad: Obama’s Dealings with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Simon and Shuster is maybe the publishing house you were thinking of. Not a fan of President Obama I see. Well, as Jesus well might have said, “You can’t please everybody.” (not a bad title for his biography, either)

    • jerry webber

      I think the poster was just a little late for April Fool’s.

    • Eric

      Does that date someone who actually know Simon and Garfunkel?

      • Jim from Iowa

        No doubt, lol.

    • SnoopyTheGoon

      oops, I see someone has already said it…

  • wingdings

    Since already his book “My father’s dream” has been rather Obamas dream and full of lies and twisted claims we may expect a biographical fake even worse!

  • SnoopyTheGoon

    Surely you mean Simon & Schuster? Cause Simon & Garfunkel are a different bunch of people ;-)

    But yeah, this is a good list of ideas.

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