British Muslims Get Happy

Pharrell Williams’ song Happy is a global phenomenon, with many versions of random people from around the world (including in Israel) getting in on the act.

The latest version? Happy Muslims (in Britain)!

Ironically – yet predictably – this video is opposed by some…unhappy Muslims.




While non-Muslims are being rather supportive.

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  • mikeh420

    A happy Muslim is a very bad thing. Something very bad has to happen to make a Muslim happy.

  • Inessa

    The video is cute. It shows an aspect of ethnic or religious communities which is essential for healthy communities like the Jewish community – integration, but not assimilation. The “unhappy Muslims” need to get a life.

    • unpluggged

      Why not assimilation? Muslims are not an ethnic or cultural group. Religion is an artificial concept aimed at dividing people. Muslims should shove their religion deep into their arses if they choose to immigrate to a non-muslim country, and certainly not try to impose their way of life upon natives.

      • Inessa

        Just as with Jewish community, much of the culture derives from and is intermingled with religion. No group has to shove their religion anywhere when they choose to immigrate to any “Western country”. The problem has been the failure to integrate, lack of any assimilation and the taking over the world thing. This video doesn’t really demonstrate it – more Muslims being proud of both being Muslim and being British. I also liked that there were no hard core niquabs or burkas.

        • unpluggged

          They have. Religion is a private matter and should be only practiced privately. Nobody should be allowed to promote religion, especially an aggressive and a violent one like Islam.

          If anybody wants to benefit from higher standards of living of the West and enjoy life there, they must leave behind their former way of life and adopt the way of life of their new country. If they want to practice their disgusting religion publicly, they may do so in Iran or Yemen. If they want to live like white people, they should behave as white people, that is to respect others and to abandon Islam and their aspirations to take over the world.

          These Muslims are not British. They are Muslim colonists in Britain. A soldier was coldbloodedly butchered on the street by those “British” recently because Muslims treat any “infidel” as an enemy and are obliged to kill them.

          A woman who deliberately claims being Muslim is insane masochist and should be placed into a mental facility. We all know very well what Islam says about women and how it treats them. Or ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali in case you don’t know.

          It became fearful and dangerous here in Moscow to walk on the streets. These animals are everywhere, stabbing, beating, shooting, raping girls, slaughtering sheep on the streets and otherwise expressing their “culture”.

          • @YehyaIslam

            you are one of the examples proving that this world is full of idiots

            • unpluggged

              Personal attacks? How nice. So you have no arguments against my position.

              • PeaceEqualsIslam

                Please read my above comment. You know nothing about our religion (Islam) and clearly nothing about yours considering your rudeness.

                • harriet

                  YOU know nothing about islam…islam is Saudi and Yemen and Iran and Afganistan and Pakistan
                  and you are the ignorant one
                  Islam is not what you see in Britain-where muslims are doing thier best to live off British Christian society

          • AlexC

            How do “white people” live exactly?

            • unpluggged

              This is an old Russian phraseologism. “Like white people do” means “properly” or “in a civilized, respectful manner”. It is not considered derogatory. Here I meant, if Muslims want to have a high quality of living they have to behave properly and adopt the values of the coutries they live in. For example, the Talmudic principle of “Dina demalchuta dina” means that laws and customs of the state are obligatory for a Jew. Also there is this a proverb in Hebrew: In Rome, one should act as a Roman. And also in Russian: Do not impose your own rules on another’s monastery.

            • harriet

              You are familliar with Europe and North America?

          • Inessa

            Firstly – ?White people.
            Secondly – ?”These animals”
            I’m not sure where to begin….I don’t want to be judgemental, but when you post something in a public forum, you do need to have some screening of your own post.
            I assume it’s only public displays of Islam that bother you, and not for example Jewish men in black suits, black hats, peyes, tzitzit etc, or seikh turbans, or women in saris.
            Re “promoting their disgusting religion” – they weren’t actually doing that in the video. Yes, there are definitely aspects of “promoting Islam” that are problematic, such as concept of blasphemy and many others. But it’s not the promoting in itself that is a concern. Otherwise, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and many other Christian groups (sects?) would be in the same category. I don’t appreciate being prothelytised to by evangelical Christians, or actually by Chabad Jews, well meaning as they may be, but it’s a fair price for freedom of religion and speech.

            • unpluggged

              If somebody behaves like animal i will call them so. Don’t try to sermonize me. Tell this to that guy they stabbed to death when he tried to protect his girlfriend.

              Don’t compare the uncomparable like Jews and Muslims. I have yet to see Jews slaughtering sheep on the streets and threatening the authorities of, say, France or UK to conquer them if they don’t submit to Judaism. I have yet to see a Jew blowing himself in a mall. I have yet to see Jews shooting at a wedding. I have yet to see a Jewish woman in a burqa or hijab, or what do they call these slave’s clothes. I have yet to see a Jewish woman that is flogged for driving a car. I have yet to see a Jewish woman that have undergone a genital mutilation. Maybe you want to be the first, in order to display your solidarity with this beautiful “culture” of those savages?

              Any religious propaganda shuld be banned, be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, or Scientological. Whenever somebody comes to me and says, “Read the Bible! Read the f**g Bible! Believe in Jesus!”, I want to punch them in the face. Who are they to tell me what to do?

              With Muslims, it’s much worse. They don’t really want you to become a Muslim. If everybody was Muslim, there would be no “infidels” to kill and oppress. And they need somebody to kill or oppress more than they need food.

              • Inessa

                With respect, your rant is mostly off topic. My point was that you cannot support the practice of “freedom of religion” and “freedom of speech”, and then say that Moslems should not be allowed to display cultural symbols of their religion any more than any other group. I am not aware of a ban on women driving in a western country, or anywhere outside of Saudi Arabia.
                While I personally find many aspects of Islamic culture abhorrent, such as genital mutilation, Antisemitism, justifying violence, the hypocrisy of “Islamophobia” and many others, I think hypocrisy needs to be called out. And singling Moslems out, is hypocrisy and discrimination, as much as banning men wearing kippot or seikh turbans or having beards. I don’t put burkas in the same category at all because they are not actually called for in the religion, they are undeniably a symbol of subjugation of women, and they are a security risk.
                As far as religious propaganda – your attitude seems to be not too different from either far right or far left. A reasonable position would be “I don’t like it, but I can choose to not be affected by it”. Your position seems to be “I don’t like it so it should be banned”.
                As I said, personally, I don’t like any evangelical ideology, I feel it insults my intelligence, but that’s not to say I have the right to take that right away.
                BTW if you don’t want to be insulted, don’t equate supporting freedom of religion and equal rights to an invitation to genital mutilation. That’s crass and insulting.

                • harriet

                  well we do have freedom of speech…..but you cannot cry fire in a crowded movie theatre, or bomb in an airplane…..
                  Islam is a cult of hatred and violence, and yes, just as fomenting hatred is suppressed in most societies, so should islam be suppressed and not allowed.

              • PeaceEqualsIslam

                You obviously know nothing about Islam, who are you to tell a muslim. Answer to this: Islam and muslims are totally different. Just as their bad christians and Jews (Israelis specifically), there are muslims that are dumb, but only because they don’t follow the religion completely. For those who say muslim woman are opressed, I am a woman who chose to be muslim and I am treated greatly because of Islam. That hijab everybody talks about is something I chose to put on, and you know what? It is there to protect me. Not only that, but christian nuns also wear long clothes and cover their hair. Why don’t you ask them why? I cover my body and beauty to avoid the bad men in the world that decide to rape others. I avoid pork, whine, beer, and alcoholics to protect my body from disease. For those who say Islam promotes killing innocent people, just as the law in the United States, the only damage to a person allowed is for self defense. So, if this isn’t good enough for all of you, you are just there/here to talk bad about others. You should be ashamed… If you have any other questions or comments, please ask/say.

                • harriet

                  why don;t you look at all the islamic countries in the world-to see the real islam.
                  You and others like you, are parasites on JUDEO-CHRISTIAN societies.

          • PeaceEqualsIslam

            I dare you to read the Quran, tell us what you think of Islam then.

            • PeaceEqualsIslam

              If you don’t want to, stop saying whatever you !think! is right.

          • PeaceEqualsIslam

            Where did you get this information from? Think about what you wrote because who told you this is true? Was it your gullible brain listening to the news- hungry channels and mind hypnotizing tv?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well I guess when some up and coming MP saws their heads off and ululates while waving a bloody knife, we can hear on the BBC how it’s not unreasonable to expect some kind of cultural backlash when their quaint and ancient customs are provoked so egregiously. I figure the UK is no more than 4 years from establishing Islamic Autonomous Regions anyway.

    • PeaceEqulasIslam

      Do you have any primary sources as proof? I didn’t think so. Why don’t you? Because IT’S NOT TRUE. MOST YOU ARE GULLIBLE, WATCHING ISRAELI NEWS because they are bias. Never do they show a muslim do something good. That is not possible. Favoritism… duhh! All these comments are pissing me off. They have never been to Palestine by the way to see those innocent children. Also they have never read the Quran. Read it. Tell me what you think then.

      • PeaceEqualsIslam

        By the way… I’M HAPPY to be muslim! :D

        • harriet

          and in which CHRISTIAN EUROPEAN nation do you reside?

          How happy a muslim would you be in Yemen or Saudi or Pakistan?

      • Hard Little Machine

        I didn’t say good our bad. But England HAS Muslim councils today which supplant British civil law according to sharia, TODAY. That’s simply reality. And sharia is not anything LIKE western or British civil law in any way. Again, that’s simply reality.

  • walt kovacs

    not falling for it

    multiple clips of guys dancing wearing guy fawlkes masks tells me that that this vid is all about muslims being happy that they are planning to destroy britain

  • Shy Guy .


  • Jim from Iowa

    Some people can’t stand the fact that other people in this world are actually happy. Hard to say what the super-religious might do in response to this video. Proclaim a fatwah against the filmmaker(s)? Resign themselves to their unhappy lives and order a Halal Unhappy Meal at McDonalds. Perform a ritual sacrifice of some goats on the Temple Mount during Passover (who does that these days,anyway)?

  • Dafna Yee

    Personally, I enjoyed watching this video. In no way does it change my feelings about Islam or about how most of its followers practice it. (That this show of happiness could be called sinning is sick!) But a tiny break in the horror of watching Muslims take over the UK (and make inroads on the rest of the world) is a very welcome break.

  • AegysLTS

    The unhappy Muslim should just put on a suicide vest and do the whole world a favor by sending themselves straight to their virgins.

  • PeaceEqualsIslam

    I bet these comments were picked out to fit your argument you bias people!

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