Happy! Gaza Edition

Hot on the heels of the Happy! British Muslims video comes Happy! Gaza edition.

A veritable concentration camp.

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  • Shy Guy .

    But concentration camp! :(

  • Shy Guy .

    Spot the BDS fail(s) in the market/pharmacy beginning at the 3:07 mark. :)

  • Jim from Iowa

    So, they call him Concentration Camp Earhardt, I mean, Netanyahu! Video must be a fake like those the Nazis produced to show how well-treated the Jews were in their camps. By now Gazans appearing here surely must have been forced into slave labor camps making Soda Stream products. (sarcasm alert for the humor-impaired)

  • Norman_In_New_York

    For a supposedly strict Islamic entity, not a burka in sight and not even a hijab until the 3-minute mark.

    • Terrorist

      So what’s your point exactly?

      • Norman_In_New_York

        My point exactly is that the Hamas rulers are hypocrites.

  • Jewess

    Happy occupying Jewish land and planning terror on Israeli cell phones.

  • walt kovacs

    so who is gonna do the hamas version

  • Terrorist

    See the terror? If these are terrorists, give me terrorism anytime. They definitely seem much more fun than all of you put together

    • Norman_In_New_York

      You can have them. The terror has been documented many times here, so stop your b.s.

      • Terrorist

        Yep I’ve seen the terror in the form of white phosphorus terrorising an entire population under blockade.

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