BDS Fail OF The Day: Ellen DeGeneres’ Earth Day Giveaway

While BDSholes laud the Earth Day Network for allegedly cutting ties with SodaStream, Ellen DeGeneres clearly did not get the memo.

Or like Scarlett, doesn’t give a damn.

From 1:00:

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  • cba

    And the crowd goes WILD!!!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Starbucks wants to buy 10% of SodaStream for 30% more than market price.

  • dabney_c

    Haha, I rarely watch Ellen, but happened to catch that yesterday. The crowd definitely didn’t realize they were going wild for an *eevill* Jew-product.

  • David H

    why are those women getting so hysterical over gifts? it’s weird and unseemly.

  • pissed with idiots

    Arabs are evil jews seem to give back Israel looks modern show me 1 modern city from the middle east that looks of this century!! Awsome to see a billion arabs still on donkeys !!! Must be goid for the environment!! .01 of the world population can’t be the problem ! Arabs are so original they they are all called Muhammed brilliant lets name the children after a pig that defiled little girls and wrote one of the nastiest pisses of shit in human history . Awsome!!!!!
    Thank you Israel !

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