Suffer The Little Children

I had mixed emotions watching this clip.

How could parents bring their children to a place where riots are likely to occur?

Let me rephrase that:

How could parents bring their children to a place where they are likely to be used for target practice by scary Muslim mobs?

Jewish kids on Temple Mount

On the other hand, if we fail to bring our children to our holy places, we might as well pack our bags and move to Uganda.

And think what an impression this experience will have made on these children! They will tell the story to their children and grandchildren, perpetuating the legend for generations to come. The story will go like this:

I remember when Papa took us to the Temple Mount just after Pesach. I was so excited, thinking of visiting our holiest place. It would be as close to God as we could possibly get! I trembled at the thought.

But when we arrived, screaming hordes of Arabs surrounded us. They threw boulders at us, garbage! I kept my head down and watched spittle land on my shiny new shoes, purchased for the recent holiday.

There were policemen all around our little group, encircling us, but we didn’t feel safe.

The fact is, we were terrified.

But (and this is the important part) in our hearts, IN OUR HEARTS, we gained knowledge we would not have truly assimilated in any other manner. We learned the importance and centrality of this place in our personal history. We learned that Muslims covet our holy places. We learned that they hate us because we are Jews: The Chosen People.

We learned to fear no one but God.

After that visit to our holiest site, I knew I could face anything. Bankruptcy? It’s just money. Twelve hours of labor? Piece of cake.

The only thing that is important in this world is the fight for truth and its preservation.

No matter how many people throw rocks.

About Varda Epstein

A third-generation-born Pittsburgher on her mother’s mother’s side, Varda moved to Israel 34 years ago and is a crazy political animal who spams people with right wing political articles on Facebook in between writing about education as the communications writer at Kars for Kids, raising her 12 children, and noshing constantly on fried food

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  • c0mm0ncenz

    Maybe these children will have the chutzpah to take back the Temple Mount. The Arabs think they have the upper hand, but the time is coming when they will be no more. We Jews need to keep faith in Hashem and His promises and show Him we want His house in Jerusalem again. This is part of our test; we must not fail.

    • Varda Meyers Epstein


  • Norman_In_New_York

    The time has come to put the Waqf out of business, even if it means a rupture with Jordan.

  • Jim from Iowa

    So when the Arabs put their children into the line of fire (see Dave’s great coverage of Shirley Temper at this site) it is child abuse, but when the Haredi bring their children to the Temple Mount they are just standing up for their religious rights? You appear to be hypocritical to me, but I’m not immersed into the thinking of religious fantacism, so maybe you’re just delusional, Varda.

    • c0mm0ncenz

      Jim, do you see the ludicrous-ness of your comment? You compare the use of children as human shields during war by the Muslims to the desire to take our children to a historically-religiously significant place, which is supposed to be peaceful? There is no equivalency here. Have the Muslims declared war on the Temple Mount? If so, we need to respond by ending their presence there. Iowa may seem like a safe muslim-less place to you, but don’t be so complacent. Even so, what right have you to judge those who live with the Muslim barbarity on a daily basis?

      • Jim from Iowa

        I have the same rights as any other commenter on this site. You could start you own blog and then block me. That would work for both of us. You can disagree with my views; that is your right, but don’t tell me I don’t have the right to express my opinions in a civil manner on someone else’s blog. That is kind of presumptuous and arrogant of you.

        • shua

          so, you are saying that the jews have no right to pray in their holy sites because the arabs are violent? maybe we should give up the whole country because the muslim are violent and shooting missiles at us on a daily basis. maybe all americans should leave america because the muslims want america too, silly you

          • JF

            I am sure that, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Jim would have told black people to keep their kids out of majority-white schools, rather than to place young children in such a hostile and dangerous environment
            created by a bunch of hate-filled whites. “That is child abuse, and they
            should know better,” he would have said

            • unpluggged

              And gay people, too.

    • walt kovacs

      sorry jim, but one of the first agreements made with the partition was that all peoples would have access to all holy sites

      the arabs supremacists prove time and again that they will not uphold this if they have control of any part of the land

      • Jim from Iowa

        Walt, I’m not questioning the rights of Jews to pray at their religious sites. I am questioning the judgment of these Haredi parents/grandparents of placing young children in such a hostile and dangerous environment creatied by a bunch of hate-filled Arabs. That is child abuse, and they should know better. Varda rationalization of these Haredis’ behvior was more than I could bear.

        • unpluggged

          You see, they shouldn’t be concerned with that. They should be assured that IDF, MAGAV and police will maintain calm and won’t allow Jews to be attacked in their own land.

          • Jim from Iowa

            It is clear the the Muslim authority responsible for the administration of what they call the Noble Sanctuary has little or no concern for the well-being of non-Muslims at the Temple Mount. Greater control should be exerted by the Israelis with due consideration given to the importance that the Temple Mount has to religious Jews. As things stand currently, religious Jews seem to have no rights there at all.

    • Inessa

      On one hand I agree with what you say, and it is the argument that Varda did in fact raise – parents deliberately putting their children into a predictably dangerous situation, no matter whether Jewish or Arab. On the other hand, your comparison does bring up the issue of moral equivalence. Shirley Temper is an example of parents using their children to provoke armed soldiers, making sure the media captures the images suggesting the IDF is not above injuring or killing innocent children. Apart from putting children in danger by encouraging them to provoke armed soldiers, it is the most cynical perversion as innocent children are manipulated to invent lies and in the process indoctrinate them and radicalise them. On the other hand, fathers are taking their children to a site most sacred to them, a site which is supposed have shared access by law. Here the provocation is the Jews just being there. Do you think if the Arabs were just walking past, the soldiers would have reacted?

      • Jim from Iowa

        I am not saying they two situations are morally equivalent and precisely the same, Inessa. However, I am saying both situations are examples of child abuse. This experience must have been terrifying for these young children. It is beyond belief that anyone could politically justify such bad decision-making on the part of these adults. Which is exactly what Varda has done in her post.

        • Inessa

          Respectfully, I disagree. The INTENT is a key factor. In the case of the Shirley Temper mob, they intentionally pushed children to provoke soldiers and to invite their group to a confrontation which would then be broadcast for sick propaganda. It is child abuse because children are used to create incitement, indoctrination and radicalisation. In the case of Haredim, they were not using or manipulating their children for means of incitement to violence or anything of the sort. They took their children to a holy site to pray. They did not bring them with the intent of provoking violent mobs. They did not encourage them to provoke the Muslim mobs. In my personal opinion it was not a wise or sensible decision, but it is not my right to judge their decisions. It was certainly not child abuse from the parents. The ugliness the children were exposed to did not come from the parents.

  • west coast

    I am old enough to remember when Motta Gur exclaimed, “The Temple Mount is in our hands!” This is some of the most disturbing video I have ever watched— and I live 12,000 miles away but I wonder how we could have let down our children in this way.

    It certainly shows the ugliness of Arab women and the lack of respect for Jewish religious sites and Jewish observance from posters like Jim.

  • Bob

    Wow. Not only does the father set a poor example for his children by not working and not serving in the army, he also allows them to be terrified. Where are the child welfare services?

    • shua

      how do you know he didn’t serve in the army? did you ask him? maybe its the police who should protect them, the father has all rights according to the israeli democratic law to walk into the temple mount with his kids, and the police is obligated to protect its own services

      • Bob

        Oh come on. What percentage of Haredim serve in the army? Less than 1%. Not only that, instead of paying taxes he probably lives off the dole (note that he has time to walk around in the middle of the day) and therefore does not pay the police their salaries.

        • shua

          actually the main income from citizens are from buying products so they actually do pay the cops sallery, especially because they have a bunch of kids and unlike what the media tells you people, there is more than 1 percent haredim in the army and in lots of other public services. but besides all that all israeli citizens should be able to be safe in all israeli territory and the fact he might or might not have served in the army is none of your bussiness. its between them and the army. and just because he wears black cloths and looks like a haredi doesn’t mean imidiately that he didn’t serve in the army.

          • Bob

            Actually it is my business. Because my sons and I had to give 3 years of our lives plus miluim to the army while he sat at home. I also have to pay for raising all his kids because it is the rare haredi male who supports his family.

            • Natan Epstein

              Hey Bob … Buddy, if it weren’t for the Torah your boys couldn’t join the IDF, Ben Gurion applied the idea that one can sit and learn without serving because he saw that Torah is part of Jewish culture as well , he went further to actually pay those who studied torah , so i see Those who sit and actually study as my defenders just like a soldier , BTW i served in the IDF in a combat Unit and i am actually injured from my service, so please leave that argument aside .

              @jimfromiowa:disqus What gives you the right to interfere in internal Israeli Jewish politics ? the truth is your opinion matters only to you and its driven out of pure Anti semitism, because non of what you comment on makes Sense , this isnt a religious argument , its an Historical argument , that Mountain belongs to the Jews, its a jewish archaeological proof, we have proof that all the land of israel belongs to the jews, you cant compare one situation to another , an arab kid who is being used a s a human shield for a false argument that is driven out of Hate and not out of a real Historical claim …. I can shred your argument to pieces but i know it would be just talking to a wall , you’re a troll and we should stop feeding you !!

              Instead of arguing the case regarding Jews rights on temple mount , you bring up a different argument to deflect the whole situation , THATS where we learn that you’re either a Jew hater or simply a troll .

              Here’s a little song for you .

              • Jim from Iowa

                My best defense against your hostile comments is that you don’t know me at all. Get on with your life young man, and try to engage in civil discourse without making unfounded and ugly accusations.

                • Natan Epstein

                  @jimfromiowa:disqus Well you think your discourse here is civil … its masked, you’re like Ruhani, you’re all smiles yet you still manage to be hateful in your own way, So NO i will not “Get with my life” (Didnt you write to someone here that you have a right to comment no matter how bad it sounds ? hypocrisy is a bitch ) actually my accusations are well founded, they’re based on what you wrote here several times , not only on this specific Blog, you Hide behind a Fake name , you’re probably living in your grandma’s basement ….

                  • Jim from Iowa

                    Probably not worth having a further discussion with you. Have a nice life.

                  • Inessa

                    With respect, since I feel my personal opinions are in line with the general stance of the posters of this blog, and specifically with Varda on this one, I don’t agree that Jim expresses views that are either hateful of Jews or trolling. His views are quite the same as many who do have the right to comment on Israel’s internal issues. Case in point, Isaac Herzog’s recent slamming of Netanyahu, not Abbas mind. Or read the recent article in Haaretz by Ari Shavit, “Waiting for the Palestenian Godot”. Read the comments, by mainly Israelis, I presume. So many attacks on the author, so many bleeding hearts for the Palestenians. Several comments referred to “crumbs being offered” – I kid you not. Most chastised him for not explaining that no fair and reasonable offer has ever been made – again, not kidding. Jim’s opinions seem to me to come from a good place, even as to me personally, these attitudes are an example of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. What is more alarming, is that there are many in Israel whose hopes and wishes haven’t become hardened by pragmatism and reality.

            • unpluggged

              You could as well sit at home. You aren’t doing any favor to anyone by serving in the army. This cult of IDF that has developed in Israel is very dangerous. Army is the nation’s servant, not the other way round. If you want to live under military dictatorship, move to Egypt or to North Korea.

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