Two Hamas Work Accidents And A Twitter Account Faux Pas

Meet the Hamashole who is literally swimming with the fishes

Ashraf Nassar

The terrorist in happier (for him) times

Fishermen in the Gaza Strip on Thursday found the body of a Palestinian fighter affiliated with Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades, Gaza security services said.

Fishermen spotted the body off the coast of Rafah and Hamas naval units immediately rushed to recover it from the sea.

It is believed to be the body of Ashraf Nassar, 22, who was killed last week during a military drill.

This follows a bad week or so for Hamas, with 3 more dying in a “mysterious explosion” which injured an additional 5.

And in other Hamas news, it looks like they have yet another Twitter account, after Twitter sent two previous ones through the gates of hell.

But the 12-year-old in charge seems to have been sleeping on the job.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    On the up side from the Hamas perspective, they managed to sabotage the ongoing peace talks with Israel by making nice with Fatah. Netanyahu is right. If you’re Abbas, you can decide to make peace with Hamas or Israel, but you can’t do both. Wondering when the bullets are going to start flying again between the two factions.

    • Inessa

      Wow. This is at least the second time I have seen you write words to the effect of “Bibi’s right”. Mellowing?

      • Jim from Iowa

        I’m really not the ideologue some people try to make me out to be. So when I think Bibi is right about something I like to make that clear to other readers on this site. You see, you really can be an American liberal, secular Obama supporter and still recognize that Bibi is right (sometimes).

        • unpluggged

          And I can’t understand why Bibi is so surprised. Did he think Abu Mazen would choose peace with Israel over unity with Hamas?

          Would any Israeli prefer peace with Arabs to unity with other Israelis? Why any nation should prefer peace with others to unity within itself?

          So these demands of Bibi look very stupid. You don’t beg your enemy. You exterminate him.

        • Inessa

          My comment was tongue in cheek. But here is evidence of the extent the Palestenian people are radicalised. Abbas now can’t make peace with Israel and live to see it, if this article is true (no reason to believe it isn’t especially as it’s written by a Palestenian journalist.) That’s quite a mess they’ve created. it doesn’t appear that the Palestenian leaders have thought of preparing their people for peace, the accepted version of it.

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