Deso Dogg Lies Down With Dogs..Doesn’t Wake Up


deso doggAnother day, another dead rapper in Syria.

A German former rapper who joined jihadists fighting in Syria has been killed in a suicide bombing carried out by rival fighters, jihadist sources and a monitor said Tuesday.

Denis Mamadou Cuspert, who rapped under the name Deso Dogg but took on the name Abu Talha al-Almani in Syria, was reported to have been killed in a suicide attack Sunday in an eastern province.

He was a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and was reportedly killed in a double suicide bombing carried out by Al-Nusra Front, a rival jihadist group that is Al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate.

Snoop Dogg called and asked for his surname back.

If only this guy was as chill as Snoop..

Deso Dogg was a Muslim rapper in Germany who kept threatening war against everyone

“You are not going to live in safety. You employ millions and billions for the war against Islam. And that’s why this country is here, the Federal Republic of Germany, is a war zone.”

Also he was in love with blowing himself up.

“I light the bomb in the middle of the crowd, I press the button” Cuspert sings. “Right in the city centre or in the subway, press the button, al-Jannah, al-Jannah”

Cuspert repeatedly sings: “I long for for death and can not wait for it, armed with bombs and grenades”

This is the second rapper-cum-jihadi to find out his fellow jihadis are an unsavory lot, and the second to find out those virgins are really sultanas.

Update: For those of you with a spare hour.

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