Yousef Al-Khattab To Be In Prison Garb

Yousef al-Khattab, Jewish convert to Islam and apparent hater of fruit-based beverages, is about to discover a new hate: shower time.



The founder of a radical Islamic website that praised figures like Osama bin Laden and Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan has been sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for using the site to threaten Jewish groups.

Yousef al-Khattab, 45, of Atlantic City, N.J., who converted from Judaism, started the Revolution Muslim website in 2007.

Al-Khattab admitted posting articles encouraging readers to take unspecified action against Jewish leaders and publishing names and addresses of Jewish leaders and synagogues.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Virgina, “al-Khattab posted a video on 2009 urging viewers to seek out leaders of Jewish Federation chapters in the U.S. and ‘deal with them directly at their homes.’ Al-Khattab gave the names and addresses of synagogues in New York and another Jewish organization in Brooklyn.

“On January 20, 2009, Al-Khattab posted a video and photo of the headquarters of the Jewish organization in Brooklyn with a map and directions to specific facilities. Al-Khattab also posted a link to ‘The Anarchist Cookbook,’ which is a manual for (among other things) constructing and using explosive devices. On January 23, 2009, Al-Khattab posted to the Revolution Muslim website a video accusing the Jewish organization of funding terrorism and urging viewers to find the leaders of Jewish organizations and ‘hold them responsible.'”

There is, however, one thing with which I agree with this hateful individual.

In an interview for NPR released Thursday, al-Khattab expressed regret for his actions, saying: “What I did was stupid and it was wrong and I am paying the price for that now, period.

“I thought we had stayed on the right side of the line with regard to free speech,” he said. “But it appears we went over it, we went too far, and, I’ll say it, we were wrong.”


“This was stupidity and this is what happens when you hang out with the wrong people,” he said. “So it is my fault. I know when I go to jail, they will be, ‘Allah, Allah, he’s a mujahadid.’ I am not a mujahadid. I am a failure.”

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  • dabney_c

    His real last name is Cohen. Can you imagine? A Cohen embracing Mohammed and “Allah” and fighting viciously against his own people. I don’t even know how to compute this.

    • andrea mitchell

      no i cant ,fucking sneaky little jew, he works for the ADL, he will probably get off or they will just send him to tel aviv to hide out while they pretend he got time
      what a joke

      • dabney_c

        Right. Welcome to Israellycool, Jew-hating tin-foil-hat-wearing scum. Stick around and see the inner workings of how the Jews Jew the unsuspecting, innocent, blameless non-Jew world. Marvel at the Jewy Jewity of our sneaky Jewness! Bask in the glorious Jewificent Jew-stravaganza of our Jew-plot to Jew you out of your Glad to have you on board!

        • Jim from Iowa

          You’re Jew-licious, dabney. Yum.

  • Max

    He reminds me of Gadahn or whatever the hell his name is, the American Jewish boy who lost his mind and became a “spokesman” for Al-Qaeda. He spoke with what sounded like a slight lisp and was probably the least intimidating terrorist ever. There’s a video of Glenn Beck making fun of him floating around on Youtube and it’s hilarious.

    • andrea mitchell

      yeah they both work for the DL sneky jews think they are fooling the goyim with these bullshit hoaxes , everyone knows the jews did 911, everyone knows ther are behind the phony war on terror, everyone knows his is more bullshit to support the phony wat on terror , and wars for israel ,these people are not fooling anyone

      • dabney_c

        You really should consider not posting drunk anymore. Or is that your usual level of spelling and grammar and syntax?

  • Hard Little Machine

    when trolling goes horribly wrong.

  • walt kovacs

    all he got was 2.5 years?

    not enough time for that reprobate

  • Shy Guy .

    Don’t forget to write!

    • Jim from Iowa

      lol, that’s the spirit, Shy Guy. I wonder what Dave does with the names and addresses of those who post hate-filled threatening comments on this site.

  • Joel

    He’s a joke, but there may be a serious aspect to this, in that this could be a reaction to some trauma in his childhood or early life. Changing your faith is one thing, but when it manifest like this, you suspect that he’s trying desperately to suppress whatever is gnawing away at his soul and mind (as if the vitriol and change of identity might fog up an unwanted reflection in the mirror).

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