Israeli Anti-Israel Freakazoid From Hell

I’m sorry I am posting this at all – let alone right after Yom Hashoa – but I see part of our purpose as pointing out the moral bankruptcy of the anti-Israel crowd.

Whether they are Israeli or not.

This is “art” with a capital F.

She’s the (hairy) pits.

Hat tip: Uri

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Facebook Comments

  • dabney_c

    Couldn’t get past 1:30. Too much ugliness to process at once.

  • Shimona from the Palace

    This שרמוטה should have been arrested for offensive behaviour in a public place.

  • Eric

    That’s exactly the point. We allow it because we can rise above it. In many places she would have been lynched for comparable remarks and we can be proud that we don’t behave that way.

    • Jorge Pradi Payba

      Very well said… =D

    • One4Zion

      you sound decent and I praise your comments but what you say belongs in Utopia.
      you don’t confront your enemies with kindness. Jews in Germany thought they were too decent and good and that nazis would see their inner beauty, that they would not kill their countrymen. How wrong they were…
      Kill or be killed is the nature of this world. Kindness leads to death (when confronting implacable enemies)…Creatures like the one in the video deserve to be dead.

  • One4Zion

    wow..what a disgusting creature…i’m thankful for not being there when this beast was filming..i’d be in an israeli jail now..i wonder how any random israeli or jew with a love of their people would react..

    • One4Zion

      btw…if you want to learn more about this princess here’s her facebook page.
      glad to read some comments on this video that are really spot on about her bigotry and nutiness.. she totally belongs in a nuthouse…

  • wingdings

    This little dirty idiot is not even aware of the fact that the Palestinians would shoot her on the spot if she was not guarded heavily!

  • cba

    That’s one seriously disturbed person.

  • Travis

    Is she an intern at Ha’aretz?

  • Travis

    I hope the Shin Bet keeps an eye on that b*tch. I see another Tali Fahima in the making.

  • Sharon A

    Vile and vulgar, glad I did not watch it earlier, feeling ill now.

  • Travis

    Geez she has two many teeth for her mouth.

  • Travis

    Ok I sat through the entire “performance”. I guess this is considered to be political “street theatre” but I must say besides being singularly unimpressive and disgustingly vulgar – she is hideous to look at. Shave those arm pits, take off that awful lipstick and see a Dentist about those horse teeth in your mouth.

  • Pat B

    Lowest form of pondlife. She turned my stomach.

  • Harvela

    Take it down . It only gets shared by the pond life who fool themselves into believing it is representative of Israeli society . For those of us on the Diaspora front line who take it on ourselves to confront , contest and undermine the workings of the BDS , it makes our task just a bit more difficult .
    She is just one more shoe scrape in the As a Jew ‘ far left who suck up to those who would destroy them without a moments hesitation
    A narcissist and a simpleton with illusions of Hollywood . Apart from that you could plant a forest in the foliage under her arms .

  • Isahiah62

    well she got one thing right- she is a SHARMUTA- the ugliest type- ignorant, insane, narcissistic, traitorous fool- GTFO of ISRAEL you hideous harpie do not deserve citizenship

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