Richard Silverstein: Pot Calling The Kettle Black

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything about DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein, mostly because if we posted something every time he blogs or tweets something disgusting, this blog would need to be renamed DoucheIsNotCool. And I think we can agree that does not have such a nice ring to it.

But I couldn’t resist this: a Silverstein meltdown over the fact someone posted his personal information on Twitter:

This is priceless, considering it is coming from the same person – who you may recall – delighted in posting my (not readily available) personal information on his blog – including my name and the suburb in which I live – despite my wish to remain anonymous and potentially placing me and my family at risk.

The same person who  threatened to release more information about me if I did not “tow the line”, and then subsequently published lies about me as well as the name of my employer in the hope of getting me fired.

Clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Or should that be “Negro”/”Uncle Tom”?

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  • NormanF


    You didn’t complain because when you post on the Internet, you have NO expectation of privacy. Any one who runs a blog accepts that as a fact of life.

    And if Dickie Silverstein cares so much about his privacy, the solution is obvious: he can stop posting online. But he’d never have the guts to do it.

    What it shows us is what goes around comes around. I’m surprised with his incessant whining, he hasn’t figured out yet.

  • Michael W

    If someone publicized his private info on Twitter, why does he keep pointing to the person so others can see it?

    Writers at +972 have publicized (in the comments) my full name multiple times (but no other info) even though its against their own policy. When they do that in the middle of a web argument, I first email them to let them know. It (unintentionally) throws them off guard because they know they messed up when they already had their line of argument made up. They either ignore my request, deny wrong doing, or quietly shut up (and hopefully remove the private information).

  • Benny

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

    One need only look at any Silverstein blog to see his glaring hypocrisy.

    Today he accuses and convicts “Shabak interrogator goons” of
    driving an Arab lawyer to suicide. Because Silverstein enjoys divine insight, he
    can see into the heart of the man who hung himself at his home and conclude
    that what drove the man to take his own life the treatment inflicted by Jewish “goons” the week before.

    Well, yes, the Arab lawyer was charged with crimes, but Silverstein
    of course dismisses all charges, saying, “Not only weren’t the charges proven, the victims hadn’t been tried, let alone convicted. There is a presumption of innocence in most democracies, though my right-wing readers often conveniently forget this when a Palestinian is involved.”

    Richard, you fail the smell test yet again.

    While claiming that right-wingers “forget” about presumption of innocence when Arabs are involved, you yourself – for the umpteenth time — trash presumption of innocence when Jews are involved.

    Call the kettle black all you want, Richard – and then go look in a mirror.

  • Smash the Kapo

    By all means post Dickie’s address and make sure the Tag Mechir people get hold of it!

  • nanaloshen

    I’m confused – so his real name isn’t Richard Silverstein and he doesn’t live in the great northwest? What other information could you possibly post? Phone number, home address – how could that not be known?

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