Antisemitic Elmo Claims He Is “Anti-Zionist” Not “Antisemitic”


Do you remember antisemitic Elmo, who also dabbled in the arts of pedophilia, child pornography and extortion?

Well, he’s back to launching his antisemitic rants.

Bonus: His excuses come straight out of the Antisemites textbook, including such old classics as “I am anti-Zionist, not antisemitic” and “Some of my best friends are I am Jewish.”

antisemitic elmoWhen the street performer known as Evil Elmo spoke to The Chronicle in March, he claimed he was back in San Francisco as just plain Elmo, posing in a fuzzy red “Sesame Street” costume to earn a quick buck from tourists on Fisherman’s Wharf.

But some San Franciscans report that 50-year-old Dan Sandler, the man beneath the suit, is back to his old ways — delivering anti-Semitic rants similar to the ones that made news in New York City (see one video here) and earned him the monikers Evil Elmo, Bad Elmo and Nasty Elmo.

Randy Meyers, 57, said he was on an outbound L-Taraval Muni train on Friday afternoon when a man he recognized as Sandler boarded his packed car at the Powell station, his Elmo suit in a plastic bag next to him.

“As the car pulled out of the station, he started in a loud voice, getting everybody’s attention, saying that he’s boycotting Israeli businesses on Fisherman’s Wharf,” Meyers said. “He went on to talk about the Zionists and the Jews taking over Fisherman’s Wharf and that we should boycott them.”


“He started talking about Fisherman’s Wharf as Jew Town, and the Jews this and the Jews that, in a derogatory, racist fashion,” he said. “I was getting upset. There were kids in the cars, young girls listening.”

In an e-mail, Sandler said his comments were not anti-Semitic, but anti-Zionist.

“I was just saying that people should boycott Israeli and Zionist businesses on the Wharf and Pier 39 because stores connected to Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf are encouraging harassment against me,” he said. “Many of these stores are Israeli-owned.”

Sandler said he’s not anti-Semitic and that he is actually just “a Jewish man that is critical ofIsrael.”

“I believe that apartheid in Palestine is wrong and that all businesses that are connected to Israel should be disclosed to the public and boycotted,” he said. “Certain Zionist interests are causing problems for me with the city and directly on the Wharf. I counter it with negative information on Israel.”

Meyers said riders on the train mostly just kept their heads down and avoided contact with him. But the experience weighed heavily on Meyers, who is Jewish, even after he got off the train a few stops later.


He said Sandler’s rants on the wharf have — like his rants of the past — focused on billionaire Michael Milken. Recently, Sandler got into it with an Israeli business owner on the wharf and went on an anti-Zionist tirade, Campbell said.

His interview from March also contains some real humdingers.

Like why he launched the Rape Camp website.

He said he launched the “bondage” website in Cambodia as a way to help women – all of them adults, he said – who “only knew how to make money through prostitution.” He said he figured an Internet operation was safer for the women than sex with strangers.

He said the “extreme” theme of sexual assault was necessary because he “felt like the women I had weren’t attractive enough” for regular pornography.

“I was just trying to help these women,” he said. “Calling me a child molester for running a porn site is like calling a gay person a pedophile for being gay.”

He’s a real sick puppy puppet.

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