Hamas Blessing For Israel’s 66th Independence Day (Updated)

And by blessing I mean genocidal threats:

Hamas 66



A message to all Zionists

That mark Independence Day and celebrate, while Hatikva plays in the background


The end of hope

Their use of Hebrew is, apart from cheap PSYOP, the easiest way to circumvent the media. As has been shown, Hamas’ slick English online presence is a smoke-screen for their unchallenged genocidal Arabic presence.

On the light side, flashy memes are the best they can do, while Israel celebrates one Independence Day after the other.

Update: Apparently, “End of Hope” is a Hamas song and snazzy animation about how they want to deport or kill all Jews, and install a Muslim Caliphate in Israel.

Make sure you turn on annotations and captions.

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07 May 2014 at 2:05am
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  • Jim from Iowa

    They sure are a cheery bunch. Glad they’re not my neighborhood. Bad enough dealing with the likes of racist rancher Cliven Bundy and racist NBA team owner Donald Sterling.

    • Tom

      Well, I’m not going into long discussion about Donald Sterling, but you have to watch this:
      http://youtu.be/B58lRPuv9uo and http://youtu.be/2tdNqiDqJmU

      • Jim from Iowa

        Man, this guy knows how to rant! But I’ll let the NBA deal with Donald Sterling. Let the owners of this private concern decide with whom they want to associate.

    • Travis

      Somehow I do not think that Bundy or Sterling are threats to humanity. Islam however – well you know the rest. Nice try at a moral equivalence segue but it doesn’t wash.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Sometimes when a person brings up two things and compares them, that person may well be pointing out the difference in those two things, not the equivalence. In this effort I failed with you, but hopefully, others understood what I was saying better than you did, Travis.

    • Travis

      Don’t forget – Donald Sterling has been a life long Democrat – the Party of the K.K.K.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    While these threats are properly taken seriously, Hamasholes are losers. They were born losers, they will die losers, and they indoctrinate their children to be losers.

  • Travis

    Don’t forget , Donald Sterling has been a life long Democrat.

  • Name

    I enjoyed the part from 00:51 to 00:58.

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  • JB Don’t Dance

    Even in their fantasies, the gunmen guarding the dome wear masks. Shame? Fear?

  • nulltransform

    This can’t be true. Abbas said that Hamas agreed to recognize Israel to be part of his unity gov’t. He wouldn’t lie.

  • Wendy Kalman

    Why did they do this in Hebrew and not Arabic?

    • cba

      It’s supposed to demoralize Israelis.

      I guess it MIGHT have a slight negative effect on Israel’s fighting ability… because Israelis will be doubled up laughing at it.

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