Reader Post: Comfortably Dumb!

Hello! Roger are you in there?

Why did you join this conspiracy, to taking away the Jews home?

Come on Now,

Why are you acting like a clown?

Putting all the blame on those eternal Jews again?

Relax, you need some information first,

just the basic facts,

not your lies. It really hurts!

You caused so  much pain with your believing,

Once a great man you’re so deceiving,

You have become such a knave!

Your lips move and the haters hear what you’re saying.

When you were a child you lost a father, who died fighting the dragoons,

Now you have become one of them,

I can’t explain, you would not understand,

This is not who you were,

You have become Comfortably Dumb!


You are having a little kick,

There will be more AHHHH!

‘Cause you are making us all sick.

Can you stand up,

and confess you are hating, good.

But that will stop them going to the show.

Hell no we will not go!

You caused so  much pain with your believing,

Once a great man you’re so deceiving,

You have become such a knave!

Your lips move and the haters hear what your saying.

When you were a child,

We saw a fleeting glimpse,

When Pink crossed his arms in the sky!

I tried to look but Pink is gone,

I’ve put my finger on it now,

The child is grown, the dream is gone

And you have become Comfortably Dumb!

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10 May 2014 at 10:05pm
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  • Ron Barak

    Once a great man ↬your↫ so deceiving, (x2)

    ↬to↫ taking away the Jews home?

    the haters hear what ↬your↫ saying

    who died fighting the ↬dragoons↫

    I ↬cant↫ explain

    ↬Ive↫ put my finger

    To Israellycool:
    when new writers are accepted into your fold, maybe it’d be a good policy to proofread their first few submissions, to avoid embarrassments like the above?
    Israellycool has consistently high grade content, and unless Wanlaw is a very young person – an episode like the above (though the sentiment seems genuine) is, frankly, embarrassing.

    • AussieDave

      Not “accepted in the fold” as a permanent contributor, just had his post published.

      Errors aside, it is a nice piece.

      P.S “Dragoons” is not an error. Look it up.

      • Ron Barak

        In the context, I think it is:
        his father died fighting the Nazis, so Dragons, not Dragoons.

        • Wanlaw

          Mr Barak, my submission was not intended as a writing sample, and it’s substance contained commentary on my feelings toward the honoree, tracked as close as possible to his original source material, rather than any desire to prove my Bona fides as as blogger, which I am not. Thus I confess I took rather less time in the middle of my day to proof read the form than I would have preparing appellate briefs, or other memorandum of law as I do normally, and concentrated more on the words that I believe convey mr waters (oops) hypocrisy. I am sorry that you took the time to criticize the form rather than substance. Of course your criticism of the use of the word dragoons might open a window into your thoughts into that regard, unfortunately unlike Aussie Dave, you could not contextualize it. Confined to use of a word that mirrored “balloons” from the source material, “dragoons” was meant to convey that mr waters (oops again) father died fighting Nazis at Anzio. In that context, dragoons is defined as troops that subjugate or persecute, which under the circumstances, fits. Fletcher Waters did not die fighting dragons in middle earth, so the use of that word makes no sense whatsoever

          • Wanlaw

            By the way, before criticizing others for their lack of form, you should avoid true embarrassment by checking your own. After the greeting in your initial reply, you begin your paragraph with the word “when”. The w was lowercase, when clearly it should have been uppercase. I will not waste the rest of my time pointing out the other grammatical errors, because normally I would not care. I read and enjoy this blog for its content, namely it’s humor and the effective way it exposes the hypocrisy of the haters. My piece was meant to help forward that goal, nothing more.

            • Ron Barak

              This starts to get ridiculous, but:

              1. After a “:” I think British English requires lower-case (if you use USA English, your instincts may be different).
              2. I was trying to point errata, not form, viz. my “(though the sentiment seems genuine)” comment.
              Beyond a certain age and education, I’d think English writers should know the difference between your and you’re, cant and can’t, and Ive and I’ve.
              3. Apologies for mistaking your _intentional_ Dragoon usage.

              • Philemon

                Stop being such a pedantic oaf and a language Nazi.

                • Philemon

                  That was meant for Ron Barak.

                • Ron Barak

                  so, like, im to understand that, like, your saying me fixing obvious english grammar mistakes is, like, being a language nazi? like, you cant be serious!

  • Jim from Iowa

    I loved your post and the spirit in which it was offered. Regarding your real life…the world needs lawyers, too, I guess. Fight the power!

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