Peace Or The Appearance Of Peace


051710_Canned_Unicorn_Meat_1There’s a new “Peace Index” report out from Tel Aviv University (pdf link). There’s one part of it that will probably get a few tongues wagging and for sure the left and the peace processors will be-wail the appearance that Jewish Israelis just don’t care about peace any more.

That’s not quite true: it’s more that they were asked to rank some goals and the one “Reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians” came in flat last with 8.7%. Even “Improving Israel’s political status in the international community” sneaked by with 8.9%.

Another question in the poll:

2. Do you believe or not believe that negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will lead to peace between Israel and the Palestinians in the coming years?

Well the “Don’t believe at all” and the “Somewhat don’t believe” camps add up to 75%.

So if you ask Israelis to rank “Reaching a peace agreement”, clearly they know it’s a waste of time and will vote for cheaper houses or reducing socioeconomic gaps (69% together).

Nobody seems to have asked Israelis how high REAL peace is on the agenda because, just as we’d all like to see wild unicorns again, most of us know it’s not likely.

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