Separated At Birth: Icy Relations With Israel Edition

Catherine Ashton and John Kerry have helped bring in very cold relations between Israel, the EU and the US.

catherine ashton john kerrySid-and-Diego-ice-age

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Kerry’s daughter Vanessa is married to an Iranian-American who still has family in his country of origin. Did I just hear somebody say, “Conflict of interest?”

    • Art Deco

      Maybe, maybe not. I think it’s testimony to Obama’s amour propre that he keeps appointing people just like him to consequential posts: lawyers with no history as line administrators. When you get down to the bottom of it, what distinguishes Hillary! from Obama, Kerry, and Biden is that she made a good living practicing law, and stuck with it for a while, and granted a partnership (though do not overlook the skeezy aspects of her practice and her dodgy commodities trading – as the Diplomad says, the function of the 1st lady is to launder the bribes).

  • Jim from Iowa

    Well, it takes two to tango. I hear Tzipi Livni just loves the Obama Administration. That’s something for Israelis to think about.

  • Jim from Iowa

    How does the Obama Administration demonstrate it’s disdain for Israel? By pouring hundreds of millions of American taxpayer’s dollars into the Iron Dome missile system, that’s how. Obama will be leading America for the next 2 1/2 years so for you Israelis who wanted America to choose the other guy, just get over it. Your problem isn’t dealing with John Kerry and Martin Indyk; they’ve gone home and aren’t coming back to facilitate another peace effort. No your problem is to manage the status quo with the current office holders you have now in the ruling Israeli coalition.

    • Bert

      It is Congress, not Obama, who are supporting Israel. It is Obama who is funding Israel’s and America’s enemies.

    • Curt F

      A rational overview of the Mideast is open to interpretation but there is no question – none – that U S president Obama loathes Israel & it’s leaders. It is accepted.
      Except for the legions of Americans of Jewish faith who voted for him TWICE.
      They missed their true calling by a generation, they should have been leading their kinsmen from the trains in Auschwitz to the ovens.

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