Is This What The Sultan Of Brunei Meant By “Stoning” Gays And Lesbians?


sultan-hassanal-bolkiahThe Sultan of Browneye Brunei has been in the news a fair bit as of late, due to comments apparently calling for the stoning of gay men and lesbians, and the resultant uproar to these comments – including from some big names in Hollywood such as the pro-Israel Jay Leno.

But were his comments miscontrued?

You see, ol’ Sultie is apparently quite the sex addict who owns, among other things, four life-size statues depicting his brother Prince Jefri having sex with a fiancee.

Yes, really (warning: clicking on that link might cause nightmares).

So when he says he will have gay men and lesbians “stoned”, I’m thinking he wants to depict them as statues.

Update: Ok, maybe not. It seems he does want to stone people to death, which means he must have rocks in his head.

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