BDS Boycotts Bubbie’s? Caption Contest

What is this BDS beauty trying to say?

What is this BDS beauty trying to say?

Living in Seattle, the stone cold heart of the anti-Israel BDS movement isn’t all fun and games, well OK it is. Case in point, this photo of a University of Washington (Go Dawgs!) student supporter of divestment from Israel.

In her right hand the silly student is holding a divest from Israel placard, we get that, but in her left hand is an empty jar of Bubbie’s Kosher Dills. What on earth is this clever co-ed trying to say? Is she suggesting that as part of her boycott of Israel she wants to divest from a California pickle company? Does she have something against Jewish grandmothers? Is the problem Kosher pickles or cucumbers in general? Aussie Dave suggested that this opportunity is ripe for a caption contest!

Post your suggestions in the comments section, the winner as chosen by our elite panel of judges (me) will have their caption forever enshrined in a cartoon bubble above the BDS beauty.

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A semi hard working family man with wife and four kids, Zion Mike's primary goal is getting a good nap. Living in the center of demented anti-Israel wackiness known as the Pacific Northwest has compelled Michael to blog here and at The Mike Report. He is consistently surprised when people take notice.

Facebook Comments

  • J B

    “Boycot Bubbies, because if old American Jewish grandmothers making pickles isn’t the source of all evil, I don’t know what is!”

  • cba

    I don’t have a caption, but I’d like to point out that the jar is EMPTY. Which means she ISN’T boycotting them, she’s eating them…

    • anneinpt

      That would make it a #BDSFail then. A win all round I would say.

  • anneinpt

    BDS – Where the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

    • cba

      Hahahahaha! I love it!

      It’s my joint favourite so far, along with “I don’t usually eat Jewish food, but when I do, it’s Bubbie’s!” (in the Facebook comments)

  • Hard Little Machine


  • cba

    Can some clever person please incorporate a reference to the sign on the door? You can see it above her left shoulder–and also above the open jar: “Please Do Not Block Entrance”

  • cba

    “I wanted to divest, but they were just too yummy!”

  • Eric

    Stop the Occupation of Hollywood and Silicon Valley!

  • Shimona from the Palace

    “I’m forever blowing Bubbies…”

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