Not Boy Scouts, Hamas and Fatah


This is the IDF official response to the following video:

Last Thursday, several violent demonstrations took place throughout Judea and Samaria. In the Bitunia area, a violent demonstration of approximately 150 Palestinians began in which acts of violence took place including the burning of tires and rock hurling. Security forces arrived to disperse the demonstration using rubber bullets and riot dispersal means.

During the day it was reported that two Palestinians were killed by security forces. An initial investigation revealed that no live fire was discharged during the day. The incident remains under an ongoinginvestigation.

The video which has been circulating online in the past hours has been edited and does not reflect the full incident, including the extent of the violence of the rioters in the demonstration.

This extremely edited video, starts at 1:38 and goes to 2:58, showing nothing of what occurs in between.

The heavy protective uniforms of those who came running in at the end show just how serious things were expected to get.

Whatever happened, please note these were not boy scouts on an outing,

one was Hamas and one Fatah. HT: lennybendavid

They were out looking for trouble against the IDF and found it.

Elder of Zion has started a longer piece on debunking the video alongside other still images that are emerging. We’ll keep you posted on his work.

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