BDS Fail Of The Day: Palestinian Olive Oil Edition


How is “Palestinian olive oil” representative of a BDS fail, I hear you ask.


olive oilOrganic Palestinian extra virgin olive oil

Yes that’s right Palestinian olive oil, some people struggle with the fact that we sell this product in store, simply because we are owned by a business that is headquartered in Tel Aviv. Truth be told we are an all-inclusive business and we don’t choose our product based on, race, religion or politics, we choose them because they are great products! So down the olive oil!

This fair-trade olive oil comes from farming families in Palestine, it’s organic and it’s the first cold press. It has a warm taste and is quite peppery so not for those of us who like a background taste to their oil.

We have been mixing it with Zaa’tar as a dip or a rub for chicken. We sell it on tap for £8.99 for 500ml (bring your own bottle) or in a glass bottle £9.99 for 500ml and £14.99 for a 750ml bottle.

And it gets worse for the BDSHoles.

Judging by the photo, the olive oil is from the Zaytoun company. Which this BDSHole site promotes instead of Zionist Products of Death.TM

Palestinian goods

In contrast to Israeli goods, genuine Palestinian products, where available, are selling extremly well. An article in the Guardian newspaper (Feb 2009) titled “Palestinian olive oil bucks UK recession” revealed that as “an unintended consequence of Israel’s offensive in Gaza, sales of Palestinian olive oil in Britain are soaring”[40]. Equal Exchange, a seller of Fairtrade products, reported a threefold increase in sales of Palestinian olive oil from the West Bank in January compared with a year ago. “We have run out of one-litre bottles and we expect sales to double to 400 tonnes this year compared to 2008,” said Barry Murdoch, the sales director of Equal Exchange. The company Zaytoun, also established to sell Palestinian olive oil in the UK, reported a fourfold rise in sales last month instead of the usual post-Christmas lull. Nasser Abufarha, the chairman of the Palestinian Fairtrade Association revealed “we have a buyer in the Netherlands who has sold the whole container before the container arrived, they had enough orders from shops that were very excited, eagerly waiting for the product to arrive so certainly there is a lot of excitement about Palestinian products and a lot of interest in supporting Palestinian communities through the product”. The Co-operative Group is the first supermarket to stock Palestinian Fairtrade olive oil (available in around 300 Co-op stores across the UK from 22 March 2009)[31].


Incidentally, when I first read “Palestinian extra virgin olive oil”, I thought it meant olive oil prepared by the 73rd one.

Update: I misread the sentence “some people struggle with the fact that we sell this product in store, simply because we are owned by a business that is headquartered in Tel Aviv.” By we, I think they mean Ecostream and not Zaytoun. Thanks to Norman for drawing this to my attention.

Still a BDS fail though!

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