Orim Crashes Nakba Event

Pro-Israel Arab Orim continues to go into the lion’s den and stand up for Israel.

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  • cba

    Orim is sometimes a tad more confrontational than might be effective with bystanders, but he’s in absolutely top form here, standing quietly and simply engaging those who engage him.

    He’s also far braver than I!

  • rsfan1

    I wish Orim luck! Hard to imagine an Arab that’s so pro-Israel that would crash a Nakba event. Man, guy has some serious balls.

  • E ben Abuya

    BTW, Orim. The “Deir Yassein Massacre” was also a hoax, like Jenin.
    The perpetrator admitted the same to the BBC in a TV special program. The BBC interview makes remarkable viewing.

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