Richard Silverstein Can’t Read Hebrew

Despite the headline, perhaps Richard Silverstein actually can read Hebrew (Aussie Dave adds: well…), but he certainly does not understand it. The full-time Israel-bashing basement dweller posted on Facebook that the “Sec. Gen. of Israeli national sports authority (INSA) calls basketball players who won Euro League championship “N-ggers.”


He links to the following article.

Basketball article2

Due to his lack of the most basic of Hebrew language skills he presumes, or was told that “כושים”, (Kushites in English) translates as the “N word”, it does not.   Kush is the name of an ancient African Kingdom, it is referenced biblically, most famously in the first verse of the book of Esther.

 “This is what happened during the time of Xerxes, the Xerxes who ruled over 127 provinces stretching from India to Kush”

The geographical area of Kush is most often associated with Sudan, which is why the Airline of South Sudan is called Kush Air.


Although Kushi was once used quite commonly in Israel as a non-pejorative means of describing people of African descent, its use as such is now frowned upon, much as Negro is in the United States. But it is not the N word. Silverstein wouldn’t know that because, well, he’s an idiot.

Here is how Google translates it.


Thus Silverstein is unknowingly apoplectic that the Sec. Gen. of the INSA referred to some of the IBA basketball players as Negroes. A word that Silverstein flings about like a fry chef flings hash in a diner. For example


And who could forget Silverstein’s legendary racist rant directed at Chloe Simone Valdary.


This is one of the few times we agree with Silverstein; it was obscene for the ISA head to use the pejorative Negro, it is equally obscene for Silverstein to use the exact same pejorative over, and over and over and over again.

We pray for the day when Silverstein will rise above his baser inclinations and judge others not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character… but we’re not holding our breath.

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  • steven
    • walt kovacs

      im so glad that dickie doesnt scrub his archives

  • dantheman08822

    Shmucky Shmarya Rosenberg, in his Blog of Excrement, says the same thing. “Kushite” is the equivalent of “Schvartze,” and is mildly derogatory at most.

    • dabney_c

      I think “schvartze” is not in the same category as “Kushi” because the former is used somewhat dismissively, whereas the latter is use descriptively. Maybe it’s no longer politically correct to label all Black people as “Kushites”, but it’s certainly no “N” word. As One4Zion says – what other word is there in Hebrew to identify someone of African descent? We’ll have to invent something new to appease the language SS.

    • walt kovacs

      shmarya started that blog with what appeared to be good intentions

      it is now as hateful as dickie’s

      • dantheman08822

        Just about. But I frequently agree with him, but not his blanket condemnations, which are Der Stuermer stuff.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      Maybe a better analogy than he realizes; schvartze is a simple descriptive term that has taken on derogatory connotations that it did not originally have, and no non-derogatory term has come up to replace it, so that there is no safe term to use.

  • One4Zion

    you people need to visit Israel more or hone your hebrew skills…without getting into the nitty gritty of the term “kushim” used in Israel. I will say this: what other word is used or can be used in hebrew, in Israel, to describe blacks?
    Kushi, kushim, is NOT a derogatory term, as any Israeli wil tell you. Even the most left leaning, hollier than thou, faux racial sensitive people will not be able to come up with a better description of people whose skin is dark/black.
    Would anyone use Shjorim? that one could indeed be derogatory.. please…there is no other word to describe blacks in Israel with normalcy as kushi.
    So yes, Silverfraud is an ignorant but so are all those who consider the term kushi as derogatory.
    By the way, lets call Sudan the vastest, most racist country in the world shall we? Its name in arabic means….oh mercy…. “the black ones”…

    • Eric

      I’ve heard Israelis use the N-word imported from the English when they want to do really get their point across. I’ve even heard Ethiopian Jews differentiate themselves from African Americans by calling themselves Kushi and American Blacks ____. It is true though. Hebrew is a lashon naki (clean language) so bad words have to be imported, and unfortunately have been.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Thanks, Dave, for informing your readers about this reference. I had misunderstood and thought the term was equivalent to the N-word. Now I know better.

    • AussieDave

      Zion Mike wrote this, Jim.

      • Jim from Iowa

        Thanks Zion Mike. You follow in the footsteps of giants.

  • walt kovacs

    however, it has been used as a pejorative as recently as the protests against illegals in tel aviv

    its not a pejorative, but the problem with hebrew is….there are so few….because it is lashon hakodesh

  • tmplowl

    Actually Kushi..Kushim is very derogatory towards people of color in Israel. Anyone that’s used it would know better. The individual got on Channel 2 News tonight and apologized for using the term.

    • dabney_c

      So, what is the correct term these days?

      • tmplowl

        Just like in America..I don’t use the term, I call someone by their name. People just need to THINK before speaking.

        • walt kovacs

          so how do you refer to african/black americans

        • walt kovacs

          so how do you refer to african/black americans

        • walt kovacs

          so how do you refer to african/black americans

          • tmplowl

            By there names, Walt. Or if I want to be formal.. Sir, Mister, Ms or Ma’am.

            Is it really a hard concept to grab?

  • Jim from Iowa

    Just read Malynnda Littky’s take on this discussion in today’s Times of Israel, and I am now totally confused about how Israelis view the word Kushi. Americans know the use of the N-word and even the term “Negro” is offensive and should never be used in any context. Even someone like Donald Sterling knows that.

  • dantheman08822

    Little Dickie Kapostein posted TWICE blaming Israel for the attack which killed four people in Brussels. It turns out that this wasn’t a professional hit at all, and that it’s extremely unlikely one of his victim’s alleged (by Kapostein) MOSSAD connections had anything whatsoever to do with this. This muslim POS just wanted to kill Jews, the same as that white supremicist in Kansas City did. In the case of the American killer, none actually were; here at least two were Jewish.
    This Muslim of Merde of Algerian descent (unfortunately, a citizen of France) went to Syria to fight for the rebels and was radicalized, just as similar Muslim vermin who went to Iraq also were. He is a terrorist, plain and simple, just like those who hijacked commercial jets and flew them into the WTC on September 11, 2001 were. But I suppose Little Dickie Kapostein blames the 9/11 attacks on a plot cooked up by Bush and Israel.

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