Terror Attack On Jerusalem Bus 17


Yesterday afternoon, there was a terror attack on Jerusalem’s bus #17, one of the busiest bus lines in the capital, which crosses the city and connects the southern neighborhoods and Mt. Scopus.


Rocks can, and do, kill.  This attack on a public bus, in the middle of the American Colony neighborhood, down the street from the Jerusalem district court, was meant to harm and cause damage.

There has been a rise in Arab attacks in Jerusalem since Passover-Easter. It only increased while the Pope was here, culminating in yesterday’s attack on Yom Yerushalayim (“Jerusalem Day”).

While police were quick to issue restraining orders for a handful of problematic Israelis before the Pope arrived, there has yet to be any restraining order, banishment, or jail time for any of these Jody Roduren’s favorite hobbyists terrorist scum.

The sooner Israeli police deal with the real menace to peace in Jerusalem, the better it is for us all.

They needn’t look further than down the street

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