Photo of the Day: Gasol is Tall

Pau Gasol was born in Barcelona, Spain, but has played on US LA Lakers basketball team for the last seven seasons.

On his first visit to Israel, he paid a visit to Israeli President Shimon Peres this am.

image Pau Gasol , picture Gasol in Israel

Whether his idea of  ‘tolerance through sports’ will sell better than his ‘Madrid for Olympics’ only time will tell.

image tall and short men

But one thing is for sure, Gasol has height advantage.  The seven footer, with two silver medals from playing Olympic basketball for Spain, today presented Peres with an autographed jersey in the Israeli President’s Residence in front of members of a Jerusalem Arab-Israeli youth basketball team.

Pau Gasol was looked up to by everyone in the room.

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Facebook Comments

  • Jim from Iowa

    Holy age-induced hearing problem, Batman! I always thought they were saying Paul Gasol, instead of Pau Gasol. Bam! Klunk! Pau!

  • Travis

    A lto of NBAers seem to be pro Israel.

  • cba

    I can’t believe none of the Hebrew speakers said the obvious: Gasol is gadol!

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