Mohammad Zoabi On “Apartheid” Israel

I have featured this special young man on Israellycool before.

We can’t get enough of him, so here he is again

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Facebook Comments

  • cba

    Mohammed, I salute you.

    Your video made me think of this interesting article, about Israeli Arab students who go to university in Jordan

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  • youandme2

    Such eyes of wisdom and clarity, this young man has. The look of one with the courage to follow his conscience, and laugh at all the negative adversity that I’m sure he must rebuff routinely.

    Never heard of you before, Mohammed, but I too salute you from the heart.

  • Yoni

    Be careful dude. I saw on his Facebook posting tons of hostile comments, including some by Palestinians with militant logos and flags in their profile pics, and some of them were tagging many people in their comment to draw attention to him

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