Mick Jagger’s Hebrew Tweet

If you were one of the people like me impressed with Mick Jagger’s Hebrew when in Israel – the sign of a consummate professional who wanted to please his fans – then check out this tweet from after the concert.

Translation: Thank you to everyone in Israel for the wonderful reception. It was an amazing concert, and we will remember it always.

We will indeed. You, The Rolling Stones, are all class.

mick jagger wall

#BDS כישלון

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Mick was a student at the distinguished London School of Economics before he became a singer. All class indeed.

    • Hard Little Machine

      We won’t hold that bastion of communist fools against him though.

  • dabney_c

    Is that a pic of Mick at the Kotel? I was wondering why he didn’t join his band mates in Jerusalem on their first day in Israel. Maybe he stayed an extra day after the concert.

  • zee

    The only thing missing was having “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” dedicated to Roger Waters :-)

  • Jono Rose

    He’s friends with Noah Tishbi who was the one feeding him the lines all night during the concert. I’m sure she gave his twitter account manager the line to send out as well. Still a very nice gesture

  • Travis

    Years ago I read that Mick Jagger for all his reputation as a hard partying womanizer was really a good guy. I read correctly – he is a good guy.

  • walt kovacs


    did you delete all the dianne posts, or did she do it herself

    • AussieDave

      The posts were deleted automatically after I banned her

      • walt kovacs


        i was having fun with her

        • AussieDave

          There is always the need to strike a balance between allowing these comments on the blog so they can be refuted, and tolerating that level of vitriol and personal attacks. She outstayed her welcome with the nastiness, so I decided enough was enough.

          • walt kovacs

            oh well

        • cba

          walt, I felt the same way :)

          But Dave’s right that she was foul.

        • cba

          walt, I felt the same way :)

          But Dave’s right that she was foul.

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  • Solomon Deniro

    Please Israel. you dont want to worship Mick Jagger, He sings about peace as much as i dunk basketballs, Never

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