Mural, Mural On The Wall (Updated)

A Cleveland gas station has attracted media attention – and the ire of all decent people – for its virulently antisemitic murals.

I’ll allow the following images to tell the story, but be warned. The images are sickening.

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The person behind the murals is the Biggie convenience store owner. And he’s not a White Supremacist.

The owner of Biggie’s, Brahim “Abe” Ayad, a forty-something Palestinian Muslim who lives in North Olmsted, once explained to Douglas Guth of the Cleveland Jewish News that the murals represent his “protest against ‘evil-doing Zionists’ who, among other offenses, he claims, took away his Palestinian father’s land to make way for the state of Israel.”

Ayad further explained that “[t]he shocking imagery on his walls are his way ‘of fighting fire with fire,’ and that ‘[i]f they want to insult me, they should know how it feels to be insulted.’”

“I have a problem with the editing, so any interview I give, I will give live,” adds Ayad. Ayad says he, himself is disturbed by the image, ” Yes, I am – actually, I am very – but that is all I have to say.”

Nope, clearly just “anti-Zionist.”

But I’d fathom to say, “the editing” is the least of his problems.

This news report mentions another disturbing aspect of the story –

.. the gas station sits right across the street from the George Washington Carver School for grades K-8 and their playground.  The image is on the side that is in plain sight of students.

But what is also disturbing to me is the fact this news report hones in almost exclusively on the circumcision mural, as if the other, detestable antisemitic images are “no biggie.”

Update: Ayad should only wish he was misquoted. Because his actual statements are really messed up.

When reached by telephone at Biggie’s June 3, Ayad at first said he had no comment about the murals, expressing concern that he may be misquoted. But then he said, “I’m more Jewish than all of these people calling me an anti-Semite put together. That’s my bloodline.”

Asked what his nationality is, Ayad said he’s “international.”

“It’s my right (to put up the images), as my father paid his dues in blood in World War II for you guys,” he said. “Get off my back.”

UpdateAyad’s Facebook page reveals much of the same vile antisemitism.

Israel Muse has uploaded the following videos taken from the page, in case he blocks us from viewing them.

Here he is showing off his antisemitic artwork.

Here he is ranting about the Jews controlling everything.

And here he is being questioned by police.

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  • walt kovacs

    update from pro israel bay bloggers

    seems a broad interfaith coalition has joined together to condemn the murals

    however, not one org listed is muslim

    • Kim

      why am I not surprised?
      Has Silverstein already explained the world that this isn’t antisemistism and it is all Israel’s fault that those murals “had” to be put up?

      • walt kovacs

        if he hasnt, he soon will

        because we all know that if israel didnt exist, jew hate would disappear from the face of the planet

        • cba

          Well, clearly… after all, we know there wasn’t any Jew-hatred in the world before 1948, right?

    • dabney_c


  • Travis

    Hopefully nobody is buying gas there.

  • Travis

    Hopefully nobody is buying gas there.

  • Travis

    Hopefully nobody is buying gas there.

  • unpluggged

    Just burn that gas station down.

    • E ben Abuya

      Nah, not productive. You don’t get down in the mud to wrestle with a chazer. You just get yourself dirty and the chazer thinks you’re making love to him.
      I would love to know much more about him.
      He says his father served in WW II. What was he doing during the Vietnam era? 4F – mental deficiency? Draft Dodger? Conveniently visiting relatives abroad?
      Operating a gas station (does he do auto service too) requires great vigilance and care on account of all the potential eco-hazards. Are his gasoline storage tanks leaking? Is he properly handling the used motor oil, tranny fluid, brake fluid and coolant he’s required to accept; or is he dropping it down the nearest municipal sewer. Biggie’s could become a pilgrimage site for those wishing to dispose of their used motor oil.
      Are all of his permits current? Is he paying off the inspectors? When was the last time his pumps were inspected so that his customers can rest assured that he doesn’t have his thumb on the scale. Does he have problems with vermin infestations in his “Supermarket”. Perhaps he should have a Zagat rating.
      Is he paying his taxes? How much business is he doing “off the books” Someone should have a look at his cash-register rolls. If most of the transactions are for $0.00 he may have a date in federal as well as state and municipal court. Is Biggie’s a hot spot for identity theft?
      If he has spent time abroad does anyone know if he spent it at a jihad summer camp?
      I could go on and on and on.
      My personal wish for him is the old Yiddish curse. “Doctors should find his case most interesting”
      Beyond that, a long life; wherein every day he gets to meet a new inspector or forensic accountant

      • NakBananas

        Yes, burn the fucking gas station down. Muslims themsleves have proven that such actions are productive because no one would dare put up a similair mural mocking islam – knowing what the consequences would be. Enough with the politically correct bull shit.

      • Art Deco

        If his father was actually resident in mandatory Palestine in 1939, the probability that he subsequently had World War II service in the British Army or Royal Navy is not high. Hajj Amin al-Husseini certainly was not encouraging it.

        As for the son, the article and a MyLife search indicate he was born ca. 1966, so he would not have been of prime age for any conflict bar the 1st Gulf War. Even had he been of prime age for the VietNam War (born in the years running from 1944 to 1951), the chances he would have been posted to Indo-China or the South China Sea would have been no higher than about 16% and the chances that he served in any branch of the military or militia only about 45%.

      • Art Deco

        Can’t say about Ohio. In New York, he would already be receiving regular inspections from the county bureau of weights and measures. People who sell comestibles keep their place clean if they want to stay in business as a rule (then again immigrant businesses can be less meticulous about that and he is putting up obnoxious murals, which injure business). Turning your business into a brownfield site can cost you the business (but who knows, he’s stupid in other ways). I’d wager the richest vein is what a forensic accountant would uncover.

    • AussieDave

      I can’t allow comments promoting violence or breaking of the law on here, sorry

      • NakBananas


      • NakBananas


  • walt kovacs

    hey dave….have you blocked my ip….i can only get in through a proxy

    • AussieDave


  • E ben Abuya

    Art is a window into into the artist’s imagination. Think of the hyper energized contrasts of a VanGogh, the obsessive microscopic detail of a Seurat, the warm, wry American affability of a Rockwell, the hallucinogenically informed imagery of an R. Crumb.
    Let us then consider the “art” of Brahim Ayad. There is something odd about a Muslim doing “representational” art; especially one so laden with Christological imagery and pseudo-Christian textual references. Is that strictly kosher Sharia-wise? Is it the cloaked expression of a desire to become some sort of Westborovian? He would, of necessity, need to submerge that impulse out of fear of being murdered for apostasy; not to mention the cognitive dissonance experienced by a Muslim secretly desiring to be a Christian (not an actual Christian, mind you, just the projection of his hate filled fantasies onto a Christian template.) Perhaps it is his twisted fun-house version of ecumenism. One bilious hate-filled bigot reaching out to others of his kind; across the relatively trivial distinctions of creed and sect. Perhaps he needs to talk with is imam.

    In this regard, the heavy handed reliance on torture, homosexual assault, and child sexual abuse imagery can only be understood as the surfacing of highly repressed memory.

    The projection of his feelings of violation at the hands of his uncles, nephews and brothers is the only way to square the circle of: “My family loves me – My family hurts and humiliates me.” Perhaps he should seek the help and guidance of a psychologist. Somehow, though, I suspect his BD/BS Health Insurance will not cover a therapy which doesn’t include camel urine
    or crude buzzing box quackery

    Sunlight remains the only cure for Ayad’s Disease.

  • Inessa

    Let me get this right – to Muslims, Jesus is a prophet, born to an honourable woman. Aside from the fact that Mary would likely be the target of honour killing and the history of “Palestenian Jesus” would be different, isn’t there something about not having images of prophets. This surely qualifies for one of them fatwas.

  • jhertzli

    He’s complaining about circumcision?

  • Joe

    This man has rabies.

    (Sometimes I wonder if science can find a virus or mutation that causes this kind of behaviour. After all, there must be some kind of explanation for this illogical, self fueling, time consuming, hatred)

    • dollabiIIz2

      Some of them have herpes too. At least that’s what the coroner says killed the kids who were mutilated/molested.

  • dollabiIIz2

    If jews want to suck on baby penises and give them herpes who are you sick christians to judge? You do the same in your catholic schools.

  • Warren Raymond

    Now, lets do the same thing with Muhammad and see how long it lasts….

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  • dollabiIIz2

    You know your society is crumbling when gas station owners are allowed to display blatant anti-semitic propaganda against the western world’s perfectly normal religious practice of sucking upon the penises of young boys. The Islamic world where sucking young boys penis is considered ‘wrong’ is a world ruled by hate and fear!

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