Sinead O’Connor To Perform In Israel?

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor is reportedly heading to Israel to play a concert in August.

While it has not been confirmed on her site, the BDSholes are already pressuring her.


Last time she was here, she cancelled due to death threats from the People’s Front of Judea Ideological Front, a pro-Israel group that seemed to have forgotten the basic tenets of Judaism. But in her response to them, she illustrated she likes us, she really likes us.

“I have some things to say in response to your organization’s recent threat upon my life,” O’Connor began her page-long rebuttal. “And your subsequent interview on Israel radio, during which you gloated about your ‘success’ in preventing my appearance in Israel on June 21.”

“…I have always had the most passionate love for the Jewish people, and sorrow for what they have suffered throughout the centuries,” O’Connor said, explaining how she has studied Jewish traditions.

Then there’s this.

So I am guessing the BDSholes will end up tearing out their hair.

sinead oconnor BDS poster

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  • Travis

    She used to be a big leftist.

  • Shimona from the Palace

    I always thought she was anti-Israel!!!

    • walt kovacs

      she is

      but even jew haters need to eat

  • walt kovacs

    according to ali abupigman and yet to be verified, she is trying to get out of the gig, because she has been living in a hole for the past 10 years and knew nothing about bds

  • Abu_Zibby

    Ah, the Difficult Brown. How her life has been going, she should fix the faulty wiring first, before performing on stage and going on tour. Her career seems over anyway.

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