Fatah Supports The Kidnapping Of Israeli Teens


Fatah’s Facebook page has posted this:

Some might say it’s just a hand with “Palestine” written on it, and that you can’t connect it to the disgusting “3 Shalits” trend.

Well, I can, since Fatah also posted this:

The description says: From Yarmouk camp, and then there’s the #????_?????? hashtag. That’s the Arabic “3 Shalits” social media tag that’s been used by Palestinians since the day after the kidnapping last week.

So by publicly endorsing this hashtag, Fatah – and I don’t mean the technocrats, but the 270,000 likes, grassroots, on-the-street, political dogma Fatah – are endorsing the kidnapping of Israeli civilians.

Now, you could say that it’s just a viral thing, and Fatah is just riding the wave to free thousands of convicted terrorists.

Well, this is Fatah’s emblem:


That green thing is the outline of the entirety of  Israel.

To sum up, Fatah, our peace partners, are just as bad as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

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