It Takes A Village To Raise A Child Who Celebrates The Kidnapping Of Children

kid3Since reading this Aussie Dave post yesterday, I’ve had the following thought rattling around in my head:

Israeli soldiers are our children…

Palestinian children are often brainwashed into becoming soldiers …

So what does that make Israeli children? What does that make Israeli teenagers?

The answer should be that as innocent non-combatants, they are off-limits, allowed to stand safely one step further removed from danger. This should be true of Palestinian Arab children as well.

The answer is that to our enemies, it makes them no less legitimate a target. Just as Hamas & Islamic Jihad call civilian Israeli towns like Sderot and Ofakim “military bases” in order to justify firing missiles into our midst, so too, our enemies see any Israeli civilian (or, say, a family sleeping peacefully in their beds) as a legitimate military target.

The starkness of the contrast is striking.

Just as Israeli Jews have raised multiple generations to value and protect not only our own lives, but also the life of the Palestinian Arab who defines the Jew as subhuman, just as we have safeguarded the Muslim holy sites and their right to worship, just as we have done more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare

Palestinian Arabs have raised multiple generations to value and strive for the glorious sanctified deaths not only of the Jew they so revel in demonizing as sons of apes & pigs, but also of their very own children (in the process, they’ve ‘elevated’ waving the bloody shirt and parading the dead baby that they are responsible for killing, into a ghoulish art form). They have set aflame our holy sites and threatened (or been allowed to threaten by successive Israeli governments) our right to worship at The Temple Mount – our very holiest site.

This is the rotten core which motivates and rationalizes the ongoing double war crime of firing missiles at civilians from among civilians. It isn’t that they don’t follow Israel’s noble example of exhausting all avenues to avoid heartbreaking collateral damage. No damage is collateral when they specifically target schools and shopping malls as prime bombing targets, when they specifically target teenage civilians as prime kidnapping targets.




Shouldn’t we stop being surprised by now?

Shouldn’t we deal with things as they are, instead of wishing upon a star that things already are as we fruitlessly wish them to be? For decades now, the Palestinian emperor has proven to be morally bare, as his new clothes have consisted of but a single item – a suicide terrorist’s bomb belt.

Shouldn’t it be enough to clarify the difference between right and wrong that while we never celebrate the deaths of their innocents, the murder and endangering of ours invariably signals the Pavlovian Palestinian clarion call for savage celebration, for another wild, free candy and baklava-filled rumpus to start?

As the children of Palestinian Arabs and their supporters/enablers unite in vile celebration of the craven kidnapping of 3 innocent Israeli teenagers (with precious few notable exceptions), most of Israel and world Jewry have united in prayer and deep, heart-wrenching anxiety, though the J Street/Haaretz/DickieSilvershmuck crowd has all-too-predictably reverted to their hackneyed, morally narcissistic, Israel-bashing form.

While many IDF soldiers are still themselves teenagers only slightly older than Eyal, Gilad & Naftali, at least some of them have some form of training and/or armament to aid in their defense. Of course, the olive green cotton armor of their IDF uniform is all but mere gossamer, since we know that underneath, they are still just kids sleeping on the bus. But at least we can imagine them protecting themselves to some degree, as they watch over their people and their land. At least they have something… anything… as a barrier between them and all that is evil.

But what of our teenagers?

What about Eyal?

What about Gilad?

What about Naftali?

What armor can they put on?

What weapon do they wield?

What barrier do they possess?

Although our teens know that they will soon take their place in assuming the national honor and burden of neither sleeping nor slumbering as they assume the sacred role of Guardian of Israel, until they receive their bible and their rifle, they are Still. Just. Children.

So as the world endeavors to conjure up the warped logic that will allow it to maintain the all-powerful framework of simpletons, in which Israel is perversely typecast in the ill-fitting role of perma-villain…

As those who do speak out can manage little more than the circumspect, mealy-mouthed, morally relativist utterances like those of B’tselem, UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon, EU’s execrable Catherine Ashton, and ‘Human Rights’ Watch’s Ken Roth

As there are even those who object to the use of the #BringBackOurBoys hashtag, because while everyone agrees that Christian Nigerian schoolgirls are innocent and undeserving of being kidnapped (they are), many are on the fence as to whether just maybe them settler kids had it coming…

As even an administration that purports to be our bestest buddy remains silent (still not a peep from Barack Obama, though the White House’s social media flack finally put out this milquetoast tweet a few hours ago)…

We learn once again the oft-repeated lesson that we must not rely on anyone else who keeps writing checks that their body can but won’t cash, who says they will help, yet never seems to stick around when they are called upon to fulfill their commitments (*cough!* UNIFIL *cough!*).

So once again, the IDF will neither sleep nor slumber, we will neither concede nor capitulate, neither cease nor desist, until we bring…

Our brothers,

Our sons,

Our children,

Our boys,


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Zionist Shark (not his real name) is just your average evil Zionist Shark, exposing the moral imbecility of the anti-Israel feeding frenzy. He also shares his short-form Zionist rantings on Twitter - @ZionistShark

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Yes, it takes a village of losers to raise children who grow up to be losers. And we know for a fact that these losers are constantly encouraged by the news media and the so-called international community to prolong their losing ways. My proposal is to bring back the Stern Gang. As long as Jews are going to live in fear, it is up to us to make the haters and the morally bankrupt equivocators live in fear.

    • Mike Lasowsky
      • dabney_c

        What the f*** does this picture prove? Is it on a facebook page dedicated to celebrating the death of Arabs? … No? Umm, a facebook page advocating the kidnapping of Arab teens on their way home from school? No? ok, sooo, Is it a twitter page that glorifies murder for “martyrdom”? No? ok … how about – is there a caption that says “Death To Infidels”? No?

        So, all you’re showing me is a random pic from electronic inti-feces that has zero context. Let me supply a caption: “We must be strong and prepared, Jacob, so that we can always defend ourselves from venomous snakes like Mike Lasowsky and his vicious friends.”

        Now, go back to your viper’s den, Lasowsky.

        • Mike Lasowsky

          You are so filled with hate that it’s not even funny.

          • unpluggged

            “Stern’s Gang” is the name the filthy British oppressors gave to the Fighters for Israel’s Freedom. It was not a terrorist organization. The British had no right to rule and oppress Jews in their own land and therefore attacks on them were legitimate. Any nation has the right to fight its enemy. The British colonialists got what they deserved.

            • Shy Guy

              It was much worse than that. The British authorities collaborated with the Arabsagainst the Jews for decades and more often than not did not lift a finger to protect the Jews from the various Arab pogroms during the 20s and 30s or allow the Jews to protect themselves.

          • Shy Guy

            Go to the mirror, boy!

          • dabney_c

            No, that would be you, and I’m just calling you out on it.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        So, you subscribe to the Electronic Final Solution. It’s because of scum like you that we need a revived Stern Gang.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Glad to see a whole lot of you Israelis have assigned blame far and wide for why this crime has occurred. We Americans are too busy assigning blame among ourselves for the mess the Iraqis find themselves in at the moment. You are either an American who blames Bush for invading Iraq under false pretenses or you are an American who blames Obama for not leaving troops in Iraq in perpetuity. But the topper in this blame game in my view are some in the Israeli Ultra-Orthodox community who blame people like Naftali Bennet and Yair Lapid for conscripting the Ultra-Orthodox into the IDF and taking the young members of their community away from their Torah studies. Thus an angry, vengeful God has lashed out against Israel for this affront. Geez, if I were you guys, I would be more careful in the future. After all, it must the Ultra-Orthodox community’s connection with God and not the IDF that keeps Israel strong and safe from it’s enemies.

  • Shy Guy

    An oldie (less than 2 months ago) but a goodie:

    • Jim from Iowa

      Can you tell me how to get…how to get to Progrom Street?

      • Shy Guy

        Take a left. And another left. And another left. And another left. And another…………..

        • Jim from Iowa

          lol, thanks for the correction. I only speak English and Goyishe.

    • Michael Gornish

      But, in a way it is reassuring to see that these people have no intention of making anything but war on us in Israel. They don’t try to hide behind any fake “peace process”. As they give out sweets in the street on the occasion of their “brave” action against the Jews, we can take some reassurance in the fact that we are indeed confronting evil when we confront them. And as for the PA having formed a “unity” government with Hamas, I say, “Fine”. Then I can confront you all in the same way. I don’t have to worry that this group is my “peace partner” and that one wants us dead. It’s sad, but as the Passover Seder declaration “V’hee she’amdah” states: It hasn’t been only one who has attempted to annihilate us. In every generation, our enemies have attempted to finish us off, but…” Let us hope that the ancient promise of Divine help will be realized and the boys will be found and rescued.

  • jhertzli

    One day they will kidnap someone with his own explosive belt. That will be the last kidnapping for a while.

  • ybrandstetter

    Its not a village. Its not a city. its not a principality. Its not a province. Its not a country. Its a whole culture which hates everything and everyone not themselves. And now, in Syria Iraq, Lebanon, it culminates in hate so intense for every human not of the tribe, its the major cause of murder on the planet. Every Jew, even those ensconced in their Tel Aviv and New York high-rises, must see himself as the intended target for assassination for the crime of being a Jew.

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