Iranians At World Cup Heart Israel

I’ll let this report from Israel’s channel 2 do the talking.

But hell yeah.

(Hat tip: Uri)

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    This is why, whatever military action Israel feels it must take to thwart Iran’s nuclear program, the IDF will steer clear as much as possible away from civilian population centers.

    • unpluggged

      No, it’s not this is why. It’s because Israel is a moral and humane country. Even if Iranians were all hostile to Jews and Israel, Israel still wouldn’t strike civilians.

      • Mike Lasowsky

        Tell that to the three young Palestinians who died recently in the West Bank.

        • unpluggged

          I don’t give a shit about any amount of “Palestinians” who die anywhere in the world for they are wholly responsible for their own misery. For me, the less of them remain, the better.

          Now go and tell your bullshit to the parents of all those infants killed by Arab “heroes” like Samir Kuntar and others, yimach shemam, — Shalhevet Pass, Yehuda Shoham, and many others.

          Tell your bullshit to Tamar, Roi and Yishay Fogel and try to explain them how their parents and little siblings have merited to be slaughtered.

          Go and stick a bottle up your arse. You are disgusting.

          And visit this page and shut the hell up:

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  • AegysLTS

    Wow he has a hot Jewish girlfriend.

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