Israel’s First Lady Impersonates Another First Lady

So you knew this was coming. Sara Netanyahu holding up a #BringBackOurBoys poster.

sara netanyahu

Where have I seen this before?


Looks like present-day Sara and present-day Michelle agree on the way to help bring back kidnapped civilians.

I am guessing young Bibi and young Obama would have vastly different approaches.

Netanyahu and Obama

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  • JF

    Other differences between the two pictures:
    1. Sara’s came a week after after her husband committed large numbers of troops to find the boys and bring them back.
    Michelle’s came while her husband was doing nothing.

    2. Sara joined many other people doing the same thing.
    Michelle tried to start something.

  • Jim from Iowa

    Another difference, no combover for our president. Present-day Bibi: #bringmyhairback perhaps. But on reflection, taking pot shots at our respective elected leaders may not be the best way to bring the boys back. Just saying, Dave.

    • AussieDave

      True, but Obama’s lack of spoken word on this matter irks the hell out of me.

  • anneinpt

    I usually think on the same wavelength as you, but this time I disagree. I think you’re too harsh on Sara. What do you expect her to do? If she does nothing she’ll be excoriated for ignoring the kidnapping. If she prods Bibi to “do something” or is seen as encouraging military or diplomatic action she’ll be excoriated for interfering in the activities of the government.

    So she holds up a sign which has anyway been spreading like wildfire over the social media. I don’t see why this should be condemned, even obliquely. Her expression certainly looks more sincere and more worried than Michelle’s pout, and I like the little touch of the Israeli flag in the background. Michelle has nothing besides her home furnishings behind her.

    • AussieDave

      I did not really think I was being hard on Sara. I was just noting the similarities, which gave me an excuse to compare Obama and Bibi at the end.

  • Clark Kent

    The difference is that the US was doing nothing to help so it was an empty gesture on the first lady’s part. In Israel, the IDF is working tirelessly, knocking heads, locking people up and depriving families of income. Israel needs the support to continue doing this dirty work. The more show of support the more confidence the Israeli government has in order to do whatever it takes.

  • Travis

    Trite, feel good gestures actually are counter productive. I am certain (and God I hope I am wrong) that the three youngsters are buried in a ditch some where. No photos of them or propaganda videos as in the Nachson Wachsman incident.

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