Reader Post: JVP Rabbinic Council Should Have Ordinations Revoked

Jewish Voice for Peace LogoAt about 8:15 PM on Friday, the Presbyterian Church (USA) voted to divest its holdings from Caterpillar, Motorola, and Hewlitt Packard, due to these companies’ dealings with Israel.  Instrumental in securing the votes was the group that goes by the name “Jewish Voice for Peace,” and certain members of its “Rabbinical Council.”

Within hours, the Presbyterian vote had been condemned by the ADL, the AJC, and of course the Israel Mission to the US.  Presumably once Shabbat is over in the US more condemnations will follow.  It is widely understood in the US Jewish community that Jewish Voice for Peace, which lobbied so actively on this issue, is neither Jewish, nor for Peace.

JVP works closely with the movement to “Boycott, Divest, and Sanction” Israel.  Alan Dershowitz has explained very well why this movement, to use his words, “is immoral and hinders peace.” The movement refuses to acknowledge the historical reality that Israel has attempted to end the so-called “occupation” on multiple occasions, and that those attempts have been thwarted by the Palestinian leadership. Its leadership has also made plain that its ultimate goal is not a two state solution, but an end to the Jewish state.  JVP, therefore, works closely with enemies of the Jewish people, with the goal of hurting the Jewish people and destroying the Jewish state.  Indeed, JVP worked with Electronic Intifada editor Ali Abuminah for this Presbyterian Church vote.

And any pretense that the Presbyterian Divestment vote was not part of the broader BDS movement is dispelled here. Presbyterians, however, unwittingly allowed themselves to believe that JVP was a voice from within the Jewish Community, and that therefore the actions that they took were neither anti-Israel nor anti-Semitic.  Twitter accounts of what took place show that statements such as “there are many Jews in support of divestment” were made during discussion of the vote.

The fact that members of JVP are allowed to use the title of “Rabbi” surely helped to perpetuate this myth.

American Jews who take issue with Israel’s current government have ample opportunity to support groups within Israel with whom they do agree.  Israel has an active peace movement, and both Shalom Achshav and B’tselem are beneficiaries of American Jewish donations (Shalom Achshav through Americans for Peace Now, and B’tselem though New Israel Fund).  Engaging in the argument within the state of Israel itself is acceptable, even desirable, behavior.  Working with the BDS movement, however, to convince American non-Jews to assist BDS in its stated goal of destroying the Jewish state, is tantamount to treason against the Jewish people.

Individuals who work with enemies of the Jewish people to destroy the Jewish state should not be permitted to cloak themselves with the title of Rabbi.  The organizations who granted ordination to the individuals, listed here, who now claim to represent Jews in the fight the end Israel’s existence, should revoke those ordinations. Doing so would take one weapon out of the arsenal that is being used by those who want to destroy Israel.

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23 June 2014 at 1:06am
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  • Hard Little Machine

    I just sent JVP a message thanking them for the courage of their core message of exterminating all the Jews everywhere. I am attempting to sign up JVP and PCUSA to all the neo Nazi websites I can.

  • E ben Abuya

    When is a divestment not a “divestment”?

    When the Presbyterians put it this way

    “This action on divestment is not to be construed or represented by any organization of the PC(USA) as divestment from the State of Israel, or an alignment with or endorsement of the global BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) movement”

    See, no divestment here!

    Still it’s good to know that this vote is “in no way is this a reflection of our lack of love for our Jewish brothers and sisters.”

    We have Moderator Heath Rada’s prophetic voice on that .


    • Norman_In_New_York

      Divestment, otherwise known as stock sales, requires a buyer. Otherwise, the Presbyterians will end up taking a financial bath. So what is that church accomplishing other than to transfer assets into the hands of willing holders, who will benefit from the profits of these companies. And if their dumping of stock depresses prices, those prices generally rebound when the companies show good news on their financial statements. Please correct me if my analysis is inaccurate.

      As for Heath Rada, he can take his love for me and shove it up his ass.

      • E ben Abuya

        Sorry for slow reply. You are not wrong

  • walt kovacs

    who cares if the jvp “rabbis” lose their ordination

    only one has a pulpit and for 99.,9 percent, their ordinations arent worth the paper they are printed on

    as for aaron, i suggest you all read his blog, its linked to his twitter

  • Shy Guy


    • Jim from Iowa

      Since they recently performed in Israel, I take it that The Rolling Stones gather no Mossrim.

      • Shy Guy

        You’re obviously confusing the Stones with The Door’s Jim Mosrim.

  • Resist_We_Much_10

    The Presbyterian Church – USA and JVP who have merged with the subhuman “Palestinians” bear full responsibility for the Ummah’s crimes.

    So, for example, every member of the Presbyterian Church – USA is now morally responsible for the ongoing kidnapping in their name.

    That guilt that every member of the Presbyterian Church – USA bears also includes the “Palestinian” attacks in Hama, Syria. Just this morning, spiritual allies of the Presbyterian Church – USA blew up three dozens at a market. Of course, global Leftists constantly kill innocents because they are commanded to do so by the satanic Quran. But because of this new merger, every member of the Presbyterian Church – USA and JVP now bears moral responsibility for this pro-“Palestinian” crime.

    Are PCUSA pastors this morning going to condemn what their fellow activists and spiritual allies did this morning in Hama? Are they going to apologize to their victims? And what about the congregants? Are they going to stand up against Shari’ah, or by their silence are they going to endorse these pro-“Palestinian” killings in Syria and elsewhere?

    #BringBackOurBoys #DeathToPalestine

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