Palestinian Framing Attempts Of Kidnapped Israelis


As posted by Dave here, the trend of Palestinians posting random pictures of Israeli soldiers, claiming they’re of the kidnapped teens, continues.

I’ve collected here all the pictures I could find, and divided them up by who is supposedly shown there.

Apart from the obvious lies by Palestinians, it’s easy to deconstruct their claims based on the images themselves.


It’s pretty obvious that the image on the left is a much more recent on of Naftali, and he doesn’t look like he did a few years ago, as shown on the right.

That doesn’t stop Palestinians from finding photos of Israelis with a wide nose, and claim they’re Naftali.

Moreover, in the first photo he’s a blonde paratrooper (red beret, M-16 rifle), whereas in the second one, he’s in the engineer corps’ “Lahav” battalion, dark haired, and with glasses.

Framing 1

Here they claim his name is Yaakov Naftali
Here they claim his name is Yaakov Naftali



Never mind the skin tone that is different in all three. It’s the fact that in the first supposed image of him, he’s in the Nahal, yet in the second one, he’s in the engineering corps’ “Hamahatz” battalion.

They claim this is Eyal Ifrach
They claim this is Eyal Ifrach
The one on the left is supposed to be Eyal Ifrach
The one on the left is supposed to be Eyal Ifrach



Palestinians have a great interest in emphasizing Gilad being a soldier due to Gilad Shalit, and they’d even lie to score empathy points. They claim the following images are of Gilad, yet it’s obvious straight away that the second one isn’t. It’s Daniel Marsh, who already had his Instagram profile deleted.

The other two photos of soldiers might be the same person (unlikely) as the combination of red boots and a Tavor is plausible. Yet it’s clearly not Gilad.

This is supposed to be GiladShaer
This is supposed to be Gilad Shaer
Also claimed to be Gilad
And this
Also supposed to be Gilad
And this

The goal here is clear: claim they are not innocent teens but soldiers in the IDF, which makes their kidnapping (more) acceptable.

Yet one has to remember that for the other side, every Israeli is a settler, every child is a future soldier and legitimate target for their terror.

Expect his post to grow with more fake photos of the kidnapped teens.

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