More Vileness From Anti-Israel Crowd: Get Bent Becky Dent Edition

Those who claim to be all about human rights, and who side with the palestinians, are invariably among the biggest haters and morally bankrupt people you can find.

Greta Berlin is one such person. So is some woman by the name of Becky Dent, who has come to my attention with some equally vile posts concerning the three kidnapped boys.

Exhibit A:

becky dent4

Exhibit B:

beck dent3

Exhibit C: (follow her comments in the thread as well)

becky dent2

Exhibit D:

becky dent1

Such casual evil.

The thing is, if I were to call her antisemitic, she and her supporters would respond with righteous indignation.

So I bring you Exhibit E.


becky dent5

Click on the ‘2’ under the comment about “Jew greed” to see who liked it.

The sad thing is, this seems to be more the norm than the exception among the anti-Israel crowd.

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  • ahad_ha_amoratsim

    I don’t do FAcebook so nothing happened when I clicked on the ‘2’. Who DID like it?

  • rsfan1

    There are many Becky Dent’s and those people have many friends on facebook. It’s shocking how widespread Jew-hatred really is.

    • Art Deco

      The only Becky Dent I locate on Facebook is a vulgarian living in York, England. That she’s British is unsurprising; that she’s an ordinary person and not some snotty university don or newspaper columnist is.

  • Art Deco

    Greta Berlin lives in Cornwall and she has a ‘sculpture studio’. Pity about Britain. Lots of drunks, bad cooking, bad dental care, and Jew-hating.

    • Andrea Collins

      I’m a Brit; I suppose 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

    • Shimona from the Palace

      The cooking isn’t so bad, actually.

      • Andrea Collins

        I will refrain from repeating what Claudia Roden said about food in Israel :)

        • Shimona from the Palace

          She said an awful lot. What had you in mind in particular?

          • Andrea Collins

            She said that cooking in Israel was pretty bad in the early days (understandably so) to the point that Israeli restaurants, hotels etc. didn’t have a good reputation. However, she said that it had improved spectacularly in recent years. Without looking, I’m not sure what edition of “Jewish Food” I have. Wonderful book.

      • Art Deco

        Bangers and mash, toast served on racks stone cold, stringy over-cooked roast beef slathered with funny yellow-pink sauce (“the yellow has something more persistent, boiled hooves, perhaps…”), and, of course, haggis. I’d give them points for inspiring Arthur Treacher’s, if you could ever find one nowadays. As for the dessert, just stew it in treacle and glop it with custard and cream.

        The writer John Derbyshire met the Queen Mother once. He said she shouldn’t have made a habit of smiling. Royal dental care for your consideration

        Caroline Glick on the British chatterati (university division; the journalistic division is indubitably worse):

        There are appealing aspects to Britian: the Queen and the clean-nose faction of the royal family, the British military, the decent and unassuming and self-disciplined sorts who pay the taxes and obey the laws, keep their kids under control, and are devoted to gardening and dogs and a pint at the local pub now and then.

        • Shimona from the Palace

          Admittedly I no longer live in Britain but I return for a visit almost every year, and it seems to me the food has improved considerably. Of course, this might be due to the large number of foreigners/immigrants now living there, especially in the capital, with the resulting diversification.
          Your description seems more like British cooking from 40 years ago.

          • Andrea Collins

            Many, many years ago my then boyfriend was expecting a visit from a couple of Danish friends, so I cooked lentil and bacon soup, simple french* roast chicken with all the trimmings and afters was probably (I don’t recall) a bought apple pie with cream. The enjoyed it and said how relieved they were that what “bad tongues” had told them about British food was untrue! * The chicken wasn’t French, the garlic etc was

            • Shimona from the Palace

              For obvious reasons, I am in no position to comment on the qualities of lentil and bacon soup, or chicken followed by anything with cream…

              • Andrea Collins


  • Andrea Collins

    She’s this one; has a Moroccan boyfriend and I think she is either an Aussie or USian :

    • Andrea Collins

      Sorry, New Zealand. She really doesn’t do much except obsess about Israel.

  • Harvela

    She’s being shtuped by a Moroccan called Marouane and the cow is in lurve . Just look at her vomit inducing facebook .

    • walt kovacs

      she also looks much older than he

      i take it that he is using her to stay in country

      • Andrea Collins

        That thought crossed my mind, too….

      • Harvela

        Right ! Also her Facebook Friends reads like a casebook study of 24 carat antisemites . Betty Molchany , Pamela Hardyment to name by two . Their walls are totally obsessed with ‘ Zionism ‘ which frequently forgets itself and spews pure Jew hatred . Don’t stay there too long . It’s nauseating .

        • Andrea Collins

          I found it quite unbelievable – or would have done, had I not had a run-in with a similar character on Sunday night! Clearly, I have led a very sheltered life.

  • walt kovacs

    who is becky dent and why should i actually care about the filth she writes?

    • AussieDave

      If I took that attitude, I wouldn’t post about any Israel haters. The reason I do it is to shine a light on their moral bankruptcy and why they really oppose Israel

      • Jim from Iowa

        You’re made of stronger stuff than me, Dave. I couldn’t spend a lot of time seeking out gay-bashers on the internet. It would just get me down. I really hope this does not have a negative effect on your personal life. You’re one of the good people on this earth.

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  • Kenneth Hammond

    Netanyahu when illegal squatters go missing in IDF controlled Area C of West Bank
    1/ Hamas did it! I have secret evidence which I dont want to share
    2/ Kidnap 500 Palestinians
    3/ Kill 10 Palestinians including 5 kids
    4/ Invade 1500 Palestinian homes
    5/ Publish photos of two suspects without showing any link to the teens
    6/ Blow up houses of above “suspects”
    7/ Bomb Gaza constantly for all the time the teens are “missing” ie 18 days
    Netanyahu when Palestinian kid is kidnapped tortured burned alive and found in West Jerusalem with kidnappers captured on CCTV with licence plates
    1. Lets not jump to any conclusions,

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