More Vileness From Anti-Israel Crowd: Get Bent Becky Dent Edition


Those who claim to be all about human rights, and who side with the palestinians, are invariably among the biggest haters and morally bankrupt people you can find.

Greta Berlin is one such person. So is some woman by the name of Becky Dent, who has come to my attention with some equally vile posts concerning the three kidnapped boys.

Exhibit A:

becky dent4

Exhibit B:

beck dent3

Exhibit C: (follow her comments in the thread as well)

becky dent2

Exhibit D:

becky dent1

Such casual evil.

The thing is, if I were to call her antisemitic, she and her supporters would respond with righteous indignation.

So I bring you Exhibit E.


becky dent5

Click on the ‘2’ under the comment about “Jew greed” to see who liked it.

The sad thing is, this seems to be more the norm than the exception among the anti-Israel crowd.

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