DouchebloggerTM Makes Public Douche Of Himself

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Anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein recently hosted some BDShole talk and just posted the video.

I won’t suggest you watch the whole thing (I didn’t), but El Doucherino provides some (unintentionally) humorous moments.

For a start, check out the shirt blouse. Another crime against fashion.

Then there’s the schnorring for money (0:58), complete lack of organization (1:08), weird-ass expression and sound (1:47), complete lack of organization (1:48), wax-on wax-off (3:05), evil laugh (4:48), screw-up (5:57), world’s most underwhelming invitation to speak (6:30), another evil laugh (1:05:40), getting corrected and backtracking (1:09:50)

It’s good to see Silverstein found something else to fail at.

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