Jodi Rudoren: Queen Of The Jew-Hating Jews

If the New York Times is “The Gray Lady,” then its Jerusalem Bureau Chief, Jodi Rudoren, is “Queen of the Jew-hating Jews.”

(screenshot, NY Times)

(screenshot, NY Times)

That was my first reaction to a piece penned by Rudoren, yesterday, entitled, After West Bank Kidnapping, 2 Mothers Embody a Divide, in which the writer juxtaposes the experience of Rachel Frenkel, whose son Naftali, 16, was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on his way home from school, with that of Aida Abdel Aziz Dudeen, whose 15 year-old son, Mohammed, was killed while throwing stones at IDF soldiers investigating the kidnapping.

It’s one of the oldest (and dirtiest) journalism tricks of the trade: juxtapose the story of victim and perpetrator, stressing the humanity of the perpetrator and stressing the (dig, Jodi, dig!) inhumanity of the victim. This is a formula that brings page views! And page views are everything to a writer.

I would know. I’m a writer.

It makes for great copy and it’s a no-fail strategy for a winning article. You just chip away at people until you find something beautiful to say about the terrorist thug and something ugly to say about the innocent. It works and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Jodi didn’t deviate from the script a single iota.

Naftali hitchhiked. Oooooooooooooh!

This is beautiful copy because there is no need to embellish the fact and it is indeed a fact that Naftali hitchhiked. Because that is what we do in our neighborhood, in the Gush, where I too live and have lived for over a quarter of a century.

Naftali Frenkel. Just a boy.

Naftali Frenkel. Just a boy.

We hitchhike. We do it because cars are expensive in Israel and because public transportation is spotty in Judea and Samaria. We do it because most of those with cars relish a chance to do chessed, acts of loving kindness, and are thrilled to give three nice boys a ride since they’re going there anyway.

This is not New York. This is Gush Etzion. It’s a place of loving kindness, of neighbors that care.

Jodi tops off the assertion of hitchhiking as something irresponsible by adding that the Frenkels had no idea their son hadn’t come home until policemen knocked on their door. The unwritten stress here: these are parents that don’t wait up for their kids.

“Don’t wait up for their kids! What kind of parents don’t wait up for their kids?” (This is what Jodi wants us to say to ourselves).

Hence, two strikes: 1) the boy hitchhikes, 2) the parents don’t wait up for him—don’t even know his whereabouts until informed by the cops!

But Jodi, this is not New York. Naftali called home. He said he was on his way. The Frenkels know that they live in a community where people care.

What they didn’t know: Hamas terrorists were planning an abduction that night.

Two paragraphs of dry Frenkel copy. Check.

With that taken care of, Jodi moves on from Naftali Frenkel, teen captive and victim, to Mohammed Dudeen, terrorist thug.

Camera billboard

CAMERA billboard.

Here the formula calls for switching from dry, spare language, to flowery effusive language: prose.

Mrs. Dudeen is “startled awake.” The family had locked up their terrorist thug son to keep him from killing Jews. But he somehow got out and threw rocks at the soldiers investigating the abduction of three Jewish teenagers by Arab terrorists. So he got himself dead.

But oh my! He is a “martyr.” Blood on his shirt. However did he get out? However did he get dead?

You have to wonder at the disparity here: Rachel Frenkel knows the good people in her community and feels certain one of them will safely deliver her son home from school. While Aida Abdel Aziz Dudeen, she of the many names, has to LOCK HER SON UP to keep him from trying to kill Jews.

But no. This is not Jodi’s conclusion. Because this would not fit with her journalism 101 formula. She has to make the victim criminal, the criminal righteous. She has to equate good with evil, and evil with good, to “challenge our thinking.”

If we come away from reading Jodi’s piece thinking, “Those terrible land-grabbing Arab-killing Jews,” and “Those money-poor land-poor innocent children whose only ‘hobby’ is throwing rocks at cars and soldiers,” then her job is done!

Here is Jodi’s conclusion:

“More than two weeks after the abduction of Naftali and two other Israeli teenagers, Israel’s security crackdown has raised questions about the asymmetry of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the value of lives on both sides. Mohammed, who witnesses said was among a crowd of youths who hurled stones at Israeli soldiers storming their neighborhood that morning, is one of five Palestinians fatally shot by soldiers in the West Bank; three more have been killed by airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.”

“Asymmetry.” Nice word to describe what Jodi has done here. Three innocent schoolchildren are abducted. One Arab youth is killed because he is attacking Jewish soldiers “storming” his neighborhood, er, investigating a kidnapping by Arab terrorists.

“The value of lives on both sides.”

Let’s talk about that a bit, shall we?

100,000 people came to Rabin Square in Tel Aviv last night for a show of solidarity with the families of our three boys. It was a hug of the nation of Israel comprised of left, right, religious, and secular for three Jewish matriarchs, models of behavior in a terrible crisis. There were settlers and Holocaust survivors, babies, and the elderly. There were terror victims and shopkeepers, men, and women. We prayed with all our hearts as one, that our boys, Eyal, Gil-Ad, and Naftali, will come back safe and sound so that we could meet again in celebration of life! Am Yisrael Hai. The Nation of Israel lives. We prayed for life.

Solidarity rally at Rabin Square, 100,000 strong. (photo credit: Gershon Mesika)

Solidarity rally at Rabin Square, 100,000 strong. (photo credit: Gershon Mesika)

In contrast, Mohammed’s relatives celebrate death, in particular Mohammed’s hooliganism and attempted murder of Jews as “martyrdom,” and his mother says he “died for his homeland.”

Imagine that! A boy whose mother LOCKED HIM UP in his room so he wouldn’t get in trouble, throws stones at soldiers attempting to find three innocent teenagers abducted by terrorists, and gets himself killed. That makes him a “martyr” for “his homeland??”

No. It makes him a terrorist thug moron who will burn in Hell for trying to hurt the good guys.

Funny how that juxtaposition thing works. Because the formula works both ways. Because after Jodi does her thing, I do my own.


1) Victims are inhuman, go places where they shouldn’t, have parents that fail the parenting test, and probably weren’t really kidnapped. More likely they are doing vodka Jello shots off the tanned belly of a Beverly Hills starlet, with Sheldon Adelson footing the bill.

2) Terrorist thugs are victims of circumstance. Perhaps you’d throw rocks, too, if someone took your land and ruled over you against your will, not allowing you to earn a decent living. If only the Jews really cared about peace, Mohammed could have had a future, instead of falling into such deep despair his only recourse was to vent his violent frustration on those he deems his captors. His REAL captors. Unlike those Hamas terrorists that “supposedly” took those three boys for the sake of Allah. Mohammed is a holy warrior and now he will have a lot of sex with many virgins. Nice life if you can get it and all you have to do is throw stones at Jews (you know, people like, um, Jodi?).


1) Victims should not be tried by a journalist in the court of public opinion. Captives and their families are, at the very least, entitled to sympathy and understanding by the international community and especially by journalists, who have a responsibility to tell the truth which is this: Jews deserve to be safe in their own land. Their history in Judea and Samaria is founded in history, literature, and in tangible archaeological artifacts. The Gush is a loving place where Jews rush to help each other. Hitchhiking is a way of life, a way of trust and love in our rural indigenous community. They were just schoolboys, SCHOOLBOYS coming home from school. They were boys that volunteered with less fortunate communities. They were good boys. Their parents trusted them.

2) Terrorist thugs get what they have coming to them, in this case an inglorious death for the act of throwing stones at those entrusted with finding and freeing three innocent teenage captives. He is no martyr and his homeland is in Jordan, as agreed upon by the British Mandatory authorities, the League of Nations, and the U.N. The fact that his own people use him as fodder for their land-grabbing ways is a pity, but not a reason to kill Jews.

In fact: there is no reason, no good reason, to kill Jews. Throwing rocks is attempted murder. Throwing rocks makes Mohammed a terrorist thug. A terrorist thug MORON. A soldier’s bullet killed him because he was where he shouldn’t be, doing what he shouldn’t be doing. The proof?


Jodi, I can’t say I understand the pathology behind your need to harm your own people, but I want you to know this: you were hired by the NY Times for this one reason alone—to hurt your own people.

Because it looks so much better when a Jew does it to a Jew.

I wish you could have been there last night, Jodi, at that rally, to finally experience, and cherish, what it means to be one with your people. To not feel the shame of an entire world’s hate, but instead, to feel the love of an entire nation for itself and for God. To be proud of our intellect and achievement, to show warmth and love to Rachel Frenkel, Bat Galim Shaer and Iris Yifrach, to feel the damp humidity in the seaside air of Tel Aviv and imagine that the very air is crying for our boys to come home. To pray with all one’s might, #BringBackOurBoys!!!

To understand that we have an enemy that hates us and covets our land, our beauty, and our intellect. To understand that victims are victims, terrorists merely evil. And to believe that righteousness and truth will win out every time. As God is our witness. Because the nation of Israel lives and has outlived all its enemies.

There is a reason for that, Jodi.

Wake up to the beauty. Don’t paint white black, black white. Embrace your nation and help to build her. Understand that your evil will haunt you forever and that when it is your time to go, only the wispiest ugly stain will be left behind for all your maneuvering about on this earth, as long as you continue to back the wrong (evil) horse. As long as you side with the side of evil.

As long as you side with the side of evil, as long as you give it an assist, you are and will be evil. And you will not be a part of the beautiful human experiment that is the Nation of Israel lives.

The Nation of Israel Lives.

Am Yisrael Chai.

About Varda Epstein

A third-generation-born Pittsburgher on her mother’s mother’s side, Varda moved to Israel 34 years ago and is a crazy political animal who spams people with right wing political articles on Facebook in between writing about education as the communications writer at Kars for Kids, raising her 12 children, and noshing constantly on fried food

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  • Natan Epstein

    Here’s an interesting Observation .

    Muslims claim that the terrorists that come from within them are actually a minority (can you actually call 300+ million Muslims a minority ? ) and that they do not represent Islam … but we don’t see Moderate Muslims carrying actions that support that claim .

    Same here in the case of Jodi Rudoren, the US media is filled with Self Hating Jews … when you ask an american Jew about a specific Journalists remarks … he will say “its only his opinion” and “it doesn’t represent the majority of american Jewry” but actually its NOT true… judging by the Pew report and other reports on the Jewish community in the US american Jewry has lost any bit of credibility when it comes to them defending Israeli interests … they’re mostly harming Israelis we saw it especially when Obama was voted partially with funds from Jewish philanthropists .

    So thank you Jodi for showing us once again the face of american Jewry .

    • NewClassTraitor

      The majority of American Jews are members of the New Class (a.k.a. the neo-Mandarin class, a.k.a. the clerisy, a.k.a. the neo-Brahmins) first, second, and third, and feel more solidarity with their non-Jewish “classmates” than with the Jewish people or indeed Americans outside their class.

      I am sadly reminded of what happened to the Kaifeng Jews who joined the original Mandarin class in the Middle Kingdom…

  • Travis

    Sadly the MSM seems to pick their foreign reporters from people who have zero knowledge of history and are one step above being qualified to cover P.T.A. meetings in Podunk. The New York Times reporters based in Israel have been an unusually ignorant group (followed by just about every British reporter based in Israel).

    • Varda Meyers Epstein

      Well, she DOES have “edumacation” as my friend Herb would say. Yale is not exactly Podunk, right? Although I do tend to be overly impressed by those with Ivy League degrees, considering I’m just a high school grad.

      • Travis

        Well as far as Ivy League types and overall egg heads, let us not forget that the people with all the MBA’s from Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth, Stanford, Wharton, Brandeis, etc. – were the ones who got us into the financial mess of 2008. Jodi Rudoren is not exactly an knowledgeable reporter and covering P.T.A. meetings seems to be her limit.

      • NewClassTraitor

        She has credentials, but clearly those are NOT the same as education anymore. The level of knowledge that recent graduates from overpaid diploma mills have is enough to make a grown man weep.

    • Herb Glatter

      I don’t buy that they are “ignorant” stuff, they know very well what they are doing. this is a major fault of Jews – i am not qualified to name it just despise the practitioners. I neither forget nor forgive them

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I wonder why the Israeli government won’t yank her journalist credentials and send her packing. The New York Times – all the news that fits they print.

    • Varda Meyers Epstein

      Because if they do that, they may have to yank them for Haaretz and TOI. And they may have to clean house at the Knesset, too, and get rid of some of the more treasonous traitors. They’ve only begun to deal with corruption. It’s just too much. Maybe in another 60 years or so.

    • Neil Parks

      “All the news that fits their slant”

  • walt kovacs

    its the moral equivalency argument and the we must have empathy, argument

    there is no moral equivalency between rock throwing and hitchhiking

    there is no moral equivalency between shooting a rock throwing terrorist who lives in a lawless land and 3 kids who were hitchhiking

    and i dont have empathy for rock throwing terrorists….no matter their race, religion or creed

    nor do i have empathy for the filth that bred the terrorist

    maybe this makes me a racist and a monster….so be it

    • Varda Meyers Epstein

      Did someone mention race? I don’t think so. We are talking DEEDS. Not RACE. Right?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Fair enough. Let’s kidnap and disappear some Arab kids. I’m game.

    • Varda Meyers Epstein

      I’ll leave you to that little adventure, Hard Little. I don’t trust myself.

  • Billy M

    And the subtle inclusion of “three more killed by airstrikes in Gaza” without reference to the IAF’s retaliation for rockets fired at civilian targets in southern Israel and context as to what these three unfortunates were doing during the airstrikes.

    • Varda Meyers Epstein

      Right. That piece was just riddled with nasty little out of context jabs. To list them all would have taken a week or so. I decided to go for more general on this one. It’s hard to know how far you can go without putting people to sleep.

      But yeah. It’s SO SNEAKY. Makes me furious.

  • Travis

    I would not call her a self hater, on the contrary she is probably more of a narcissist who finds Israel embarrassing because her left wing friends in her profession all despise the Jewish State. We have seen those types before and more rectnly – Tony Judt, Ian Lustick, Eve Ensler, Tony Kushner, the whole J Street bunch, the Ha’aretz crowd, etc. – all nominally Jewish but to me as Jewish as Lazar Kaganovich.

    • NewClassTraitor

      Actually, “self-hating” is a misnomer since in almost all such cases I found the “self-haters” to be malignant narcissists who throw their people under the bus the better to obtain narcissistic supply.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I believe that her editors are equally responsible for this bias, because if they wanted her to do straight, truthful reporting, they would so tell her and she would obey. Accordingly, her editors must be called out and shamed, even if it is only on this blog.

    • Dick in New York

      Rudoren and her predecessors write exactly what the Times’s management want. Day after day, an agenda against Israel and particularly its current leadership. Hell, the head of the paper has so little love for Judaism that he converted.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What’s the bitch cunt going to write now that the boys are dead?

    • NewClassTraitor

      Hey, no dissing female dogs by comparing this pizda to them.

  • abby dahan

    thank you for writing this, i had just read Jodi’s article from a friend’s fb page and found it APPALLING that she tried to compare the two.

  • David

    Why do Jews continue to read The New York Times? Does it really make them feel good?

  • MarilynSto

    We are in a tragic state of affairs when we make excuses for murders.
    What moral purpose does that serve except to encourage lawlessness and
    descent into moral relativism? I understand that you may be ashamed of
    your Judaism and need to make excuses for yourself but as a journalist
    you need to rise above these baser instincts. We as Jews are in the
    fight for our lives and yet do not teach the hate and viciousness to our

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