Reader Post: Open Letter to Messrs Aysha and Kwaseme


palestinian terroristsOpen letter to Messrs. Aysha and Kwaseme (and another nudnik to be named shortly)

Your only chance is to flee into the waiting arms of the Israeli Police (if you’re still alive; that is). You screwed up BIG TIME. There’s a reason the sheikhs of Hamas put out the Kidnappers Handbook (now in its third edition).

You thought you’d be big heroes. Maybe get a cushy no-work job in an Israeli prison or perhaps even finally get your rocks off with a bevy of houris. But you blew it. You didn’t follow the script; and when it went south, you panicked and blew the heads off three teenagers instead. Then you hid the bodies in your family’s field (how dumb was that!)

That’s when the Fit really hit the Shan.

Hamas had to start talking out of three sides of their mouths at once. “We don’t know who did it” – “Bless the hands that did it” – “If you behave like we do; Gates of Hell blah, blah blah” – Sisi! Don’t let them hit me! Then had to launch a whole bunch of expensive rockets so that the PFLP and ISIS wouldn’t steal their thunder.

Y’see, if you were actually thinking, you’d have noticed that Hamas, after yet another “victory” during Pillar of Defense, was working the old Assad gag. Blow hard about being the Heroic Resistance, the True Defenders of the Palestinians, while making damned sure not to arouse the IDF. So that they could practice their peculiar form of government on the poor Gazans, the way he did on the Syrians. (So popular is Hamas, now, that 44% explicitly say they want to emigrate)

Nice work if you can get it. Plenty of money and a constant stream of wretches pleading for their lives. Power is the greatest aphrodisiac. It worked for 20 something years for the Assads, too; but lately not so much.
Now your Hamas sheikhs are pissing in their bishts; afraid that the Salafis and the Revolutionary Councils will open the gates of hell on them; or that the IDF, the IAF and the Chai’il ha’Yam will come a knock, knock, knockin’ at their door.

You clowns have made yourselves a real liability to the leaders of the criminal organization who live large by exploiting the misery their death-worshiping ideology has brought down upon you. Hamas may not be a lot of things; but they are a thoroughly professional bunch. Do you really think they’re going to let you continue to breathe another moment; after you’ve become such an expensive liability to them?

You haven’t a minute to lose (unless your already most sincerely dead). The bullet will probably come from one of your uncles, unless one of your adorable nieces slips the strychnine in your tea.

It’s not like you didn’t know that hatred always falls back upon, and consumes, the hater. Just because your father decided that he hated Jews more than he loved is own children; and fed you on that hate; does not mean you must follow suit. You had a choice. And the choice is always there. You do not have to be your father. At some point you must take the responsibility for your life in your own hands. But you put your bloodstained hand on Shaitan’s contract; and now he’s coming to collect.

Good Luck.
E benAbuya

PS. To those, of my House, who are tempted to follow their Yetzer Hara, to run after a crowd to do mischief, to let their anger turn them into haters. Above you see before you life and death. Choose life that you (and we) may live. If, God forbid, it was one of us who did this terrible thing; the advice to you is the same. Turn yourselves in.

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