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Israellycool is a blog staffed by completely dedicated but unpaid individuals who share a common love of Israel. We are not professional journalists or writers for the most part. We can’t updated the blog for every siren. Twitter is better for staying up to date on each development.

When we have something special to share, we’ll share it here, but we’re not going to blog every time we have to stop our car on the way to work, look for a wall that puts a building between oneself and Gaza and crouch down next to it (as I just did on my way to work 25 mins ago). My kids were with my wife just arriving at my elder son’s school as the sirens sounded and they went straight to the shelter. Additionally my younger son’s kindergarten has moved from its building without a shelter to the big school 800m away which does have a shelter.

This is the new normal. It is not sustainable. I say again, we should never have allowed the people in the south, who’ve had this for years, to exist this way.

Jameel of the Muqata blog is providing exceptionally good minute by minute coverage on twitter and Facebook. If you follow this list of Israellycool Contributors you’ll get a very good sense of what’s going on. You can see the tweets in the box on this page too.

Obviously for straight reporting you can look at live blogs from Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post and Artuz 7.

Picture for post from Channel2News on twitter.

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