Something Else To Keep In Mind When You Hear Of Gazan Civilians Killed

Following on from Linda’s post this morning, here is Hamas spokeshole Sami Abu Zuhri admitting to their human shield policy

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Hamas' Tactics: The Human Shield Victimization Method
10 July 2014 at 1:07am
[…] terrorists are known to use human shields, and a new video translated by MEMRI ...

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  • LindaMarieTodd

    Bastards :(

  • David H

    “this policy reflects the character of our . . . people”.
    How true.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      And it comes from the horse’s mouth.

  • NewClassTraitor

    “where free men stand between their beloved homes and the war’s desolation” (Star Spangled Banner, 4th stanza)
    “where cowardly murderers hide behind beloved homes from the IDF’s retribution” — topsy-turvy HamAssHole version

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  • werewife

    I’ve long wondered why the Torah says so little about the World to Come, and one must dig down deep into esoteric sources to learn much about it, while it’s at the center of the exoteric teachings of Christianity and Islam. Always struck me that the promise of Heaven/Paradise was the strength of those two in recruiting and retaining members, while all we promise is the satisfaction of hard work and a job well done for HaShem. Well, this is why. When you teach people to look forward to death, they will accept, indeed celebrate, being put into this sort of position. Indeed, they will do any evil thing for the payoff of that eternal bliss. The Aztecs never faced any resistance on the part of their human sacrifices, who all believed that the highest reward was waiting for them if they only went quietly…

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