This Was Our Day, How Was Yours?

photo credit: Nati SHohat/ Flash90

photo credit: Nati SHohat/ Flash90

Things here in Israel have been a bit hectic, with over 100 rockets being fired at us since last night. Rockets hit  Jerusalem (population approx 800,000) and Hadera (population approx 100,000), with others being shot down over Tel Aviv (population over 400,000) and other Israeli cities.

Israel has called up 40,000 reserves, and has hit terror sites in Gaza. And as Brian posted earlier, we vaporized five terrorists who landed on Israeli shores on a mission to murder.

Thanks to the Iron Dome and our bomb shelters, no-one has been significantly injured or killed.

On a personal note, I found myself in the hospital with my wife this evening, due to her spiking a fever. Given her precarious, post-chemo health situation, I had to take her to the emergency room. As she was being tended to by a nurse, the Code Red alert went off. Since we were already on a ‘safe’ floor of the hospital, we did not need to run off to a shelter.

But as the alert sounded, we looked at each other and with horror in our eyes, we both uttered the name of the city in which we live, and where our 3 of our 5 children were being looked after by our live-in help (a necessity for us due to my wife’s health situation). The nurse – who also happens to be from our city – got on the phone and confirmed that the Code Red had gone off there as well!

We frantically called our live-in’s cell phone, but no answer. So we called the home phone, and our 8-year-old son answered.

“Are you ok, Z?”


“You made it to the safe room?”

“Yes, me and B [our live-in] stayed down there. I am saying tehillim (Psalms)”

“What about E and H [our two youngest daughters]”

“They were in their beds”

“WHAT?! Please put B on the phone.”

It turns out that our live-in tried to wake up the two young girls during the siren, but they would not wake up, so she panicked and brought only my son down with her to the safe room. Thankfully, a rocket did not land in the vicinity of our our house.

I mention this story because when you read the news – especially if you live overseas – you might not really understand what we are going through. After all, no-one has been killed (so far).

And there are plenty of others who have their own stories to tell.

Like my close friend who was driving home from work, when he heard the siren go off. He got out of the car, hit the ground and watched as the Iron Dome shot the rocket out of the sky followed by a big boom.

This is not some apocalyptic movie. This is our current reality.

We are all being deliberately targeted by terrorists bent on our destruction.

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  • Eric R.

    You will continue to live through this hell unless/until Bibi obliterates Gaza. And yes, I mean with nukes.

    • sjs

      This is a terrible thing to say, and I’m sure no authors or readers agree with you. Israelis don’t fire on civilians indiscriminately like Hamas does. I would seriously consider retracting your opinion.

      • unpluggged

        So the United States is permitted to target civilians and for us it’s a taboo? Why should we be holier than the pope?

        • mzk1_1

          Because we not an independent country.

      • walt kovacs

        bad news

        if one is not prepared to totally bring an enemy to their knees, one is doomed to fight ever lasting wars

        truman knew this

        so did reagan, even if he almost bankrupted the us while doing it

    • cba

      Look at a map before you make dumbass comments like that. INCLUDING the scale.

      Even if Israel were prepared to kill civilians indiscriminately (which it ain’t), where the hell do you think the radiation would go?

      • walt kovacs


      • mzk1_1

        I wonder if we have Neutron bombs…

    • J B

      1) Indeed, nuclear weapons on Gaza is not a smart idea.
      2) Indeed, we Israelis are against killing civilians. However, I will say this, clearly our policies to date have not been sufficient to deter terrorists from attacking us. I dare say it’s going to take a lot more shock and awe to achieve that, and no doubt many Arab “innocent” civilians will die in the process, if the government has the guts to do what it needs to in order to protect our truly innocent civilians.

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  • CableLegend

    I know there has been some concern of more advanced Russian made rockets stolen from Assad falling into the hands of militants; has that materialized in any of the recent attacks or is that concern limited to attacks from Hezbollah in the north?

  • walt kovacs

    i went to a counter rally opposite the jihad loving jew haters of los angeles and somehow i missed this

    ali abupigman getting arrested for not following lapd orders (they were very good at keeping both groups totally seperate so as not to instigate a riot)

    i did not see the guy in the hat at any time that i was at the rally,,,did see the guy who says, “its not muslims, its terrorists”

    so ali tries to pull a blumenthal and the great lapd slaps his butt down”

    and dang…he makes my gaydar spin

  • jerry webber

    Best wishes for you and your family. CNN mentioned that the Gazans don’t have bomb shelters and safe rooms, like the Israelis do. CNN did NOT mention why Hamas won’t build shelters, of course, or the fact that Hamas intermingles its people and weapons with the civilians.

    • walt kovacs

      they have bomb shelters, with only enough room for hamas

    • mzk1_1

      Absolutely criminal . I’m referring to CNN.

      • NewClassTraitor

        Contemptible “News” Network

    • Pete

      Well written Jerry. Brevity is the soul of wit and I wish I had written the above as concisely as you did.

  • mzk1_1

    I’m embarrassed to say, living here up North where it is still quiet (warning time: 1 minute) that I did not realize what was going on down there. Did anything actually hit in your city —–?

    Just to add that the main reason no-one has been killed from the stone throwing alone, let alone the rockets, is simply God’s mercy. Here’s one case from a few days ago. The stone shattered the car window, and missed the head of the 4-year-old by inches. The shards hit the kid’s faces (no serious injury). The father is trying to get out of there and the mother in vain to calm the children….

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