Richard Silverstein Screws Up Again


richard silverstein 1Given his track record of getting things wrong, you would think anti-Israel douchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein would be more careful before relying on his “sources.” But such is his extreme hatred for Israel, coupled with his desire to “scoop” everyone else, that he has gone all Britney Spears and oops, done it again.

In this case, he went ahead and published the identity of one of the kids who murdered Mohamed Abu Khdeir.

Only it turns out he was wrong. But instead of admitting his error, he blames it on the “Hasbara brigade”!

Gaza War: Day 3, 72 Palestinians Dead, 13 Children

NOTE: A week ago I published a story about a major Israeli police corruption scandal. The information was provided to me by a source, who called himself “Joe Black” (obviously enamored of Hollywood romantic treacle) I’d never worked with him before. He provided the arrest record of one of the key figures in the investigation which established the accuracy of his claim.

A few days later, Mohamed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped and brutally murdered. The source found a Facebook post published by the Shomron Community Council claiming the lead suspect was E of Har Nof, Jerusalem. The source promised names of the other suspects which he never provided. He also offered E’s arrest record, which he didn’t provide.

An Israeli blogger tweeted that a source had given him the names of the suspects and E wasn’t one of them. The real ringleader was a fellow named Y. Y’s father, like the possibly fictitious E, is a rabbi. Also, like E, Y is a product of disaffected Mizrahi Haredi youth, and follower of La Familia, the notorious racist Beitar Jerusalem fan club. The blogger tweeted three other names of suspects: I, A and T. I understand that three of the six suspect originally arrested have been released. I don’t know whether these individuals are still in custody or were released.

I no longer have full confidence in my source and his identification of the lead suspect. It appears more likely that the blogger is right.

As I’ve written here before, the Hasbara brigade is itching to put one over on me. This may’ve happened in this case, though I have no way to be sure. I’m writing this in the interest of transparency. When I may’ve made an error I act pre-emptively and acknowledge it.

When will he ever learn? And the same goes for those relying on him for information.

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