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IDF ‘Roof Knocking’ Procedure

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CaptureThe IDF has a brilliant procedure which no other army in the world uses and yet even this is ignored by the international community…It is a procedure known as “Roof Knocking

Before the IDF strike a building in the Gaza Strip, they warns the civilians with this procedure… Basically, forces fire a small mortar at the target to indicate the incoming attack and it signals those inside to leave the scene before the IDF hit it with a missile.

This video, shot at the home of Hamas rocket unit head Ayman Siam at the Bureij camp, shows how the “Roof Knocking” procedure works.

It shows how much more effort we put in order to to warn any civilians in the area that there will be a missile strike in this location soon….they are all well aware of this but as you can see, many civilians still stick around to film the explosion…Also, the fact that this guy was filming before both the mortar and the missile hits the house, shows that he already had a lot of pre-warning for this incident to take place…there is nothing indiscriminate about this strike whatsoever.

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