IDF ‘Roof Knocking’ Procedure

CaptureThe IDF has a brilliant procedure which no other army in the world uses and yet even this is ignored by the international community…It is a procedure known as “Roof Knocking

Before the IDF strike a building in the Gaza Strip, they warns the civilians with this procedure… Basically, forces fire a small mortar at the target to indicate the incoming attack and it signals those inside to leave the scene before the IDF hit it with a missile.

This video, shot at the home of Hamas rocket unit head Ayman Siam at the Bureij camp, shows how the “Roof Knocking” procedure works.

It shows how much more effort we put in order to to warn any civilians in the area that there will be a missile strike in this location soon….they are all well aware of this but as you can see, many civilians still stick around to film the explosion…Also, the fact that this guy was filming before both the mortar and the missile hits the house, shows that he already had a lot of pre-warning for this incident to take place…there is nothing indiscriminate about this strike whatsoever.

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  • unpluggged

    I thought a war is when you try to kill as many enemies as you can. Now it turns out that a war is when your enemy is entitled to murder your children and all you do in response is just wasting ammunition without any effect. We don’t need such noble behavior. All we need is to kill as much enemies as we can (and these Arabs are willing to be killed). There are no civilians there. Remember that without bombings of Dresden or Hiroshima and Nagasaki the price of victory over Germany or Japan would have been much higher.

    • Bavi

      Any many have pointed out the the atomic drops where some of the worse crimes against humanity every commited by the USA. If you want to let all the bombs fly there will be no homes left to defend, the Geneva convention is there for a reason and such nobility is what sets Israel apart and far above every one else, too bad most people are clueless. It also solve nothing if you think the road to peace is the death off all that opose Israel in the middle east. Death only leads to another generation of disillusioned youth that know no better but to exact vengeance. It should be noted that the bombing of dresden didnt not speed the ending of the war nor decide it, the involment of america with their fresh reinforcements and the turning of stalin ended that war. Considering that if we bombed like Hiroshima there is without a doubt the international comunity would not allow a nation that let of a nuclear device or committed such an atrocity stand.

      • unpluggged

        It’s better to be alive than to be right or noble. There is no “International Community”. It’s a scarecrow invented in order to let Arabs kill Jews with impunity. In reality nobody cares about Arabs. All they care about is to bring as much tsores onto Jews as possible. If Israel would eradicate Arabs, nobody would remember them the next day.

        And what is “the turning of Stalin”, may I ask you?

        • Bavi

          When hitler marched on russia it turned the forces of stalin onto germany where before they sat on the side lines. It also seems that you have much hate and seem to equate every arab to the role of bad guy, there is not much i can do to argue against that, just remember that there are also people in the world who think the same of other races and all that would achieve would be an endless cycle of violence and genocide.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Clearly the Arabs know where the rockets are launched from and what the response will be, when and where.

  • KIp

    It doesn’t matter. I’m sure that the roof knocking just gives you an orgasum. Just think of the thrill you’d get if they didn’t do that and killed as many palestinians as possible. Oh the rapture would just be wonderful.

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