It’s Not Just Rockets We Have To Deal With

Proving, once again, the old adage: never take a knife to a gun fight. Here’s another example of standard day to day Israeli security preventing another atrocity. A terrorist with a knife is apprehend by security guards at Jerusalem’s light rail Jaffa Rd. Machaneh Yehuda/Market station.

It needs to be pointed out: Israelis tolerate an unprecedented level of intrusive security around them so that these incidents don’t become deadly.

Source: Muqata Blog Facebook page

Source: Muqata Blog Facebook page

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    Taking prisoners in dealing with these people is a mistake.

  • juvanya

    Yikes! Ive been there. Once I was bored and sat on one of the benches watching people, buses, and trains go by.

  • Travis

    Blow his God damned brains out!

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