The Return Of Gillermania!

Long standing Israellycool readers will recall I am a huge fan of Dan Gillerman, former Israeli ambassador the UN.

Here he is in fine fettle, using his trademark eloquence, sense of humor and “bite” to defend Israel.

Bonus: Watch how he unleashes on the Chinese, Russians and British!

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    What would Obama do if missiles were fired at American cities? He would call for restraint, then rush to the golf course.

    • ahad_ha_amoratsim

      First he would blame it on GW Bush, and on the Tea Party, the NRA, and partisan Republicans.

  • Jim from Iowa

    I like this Dan Gillerman, too. He is plain spoken and can focus on where and who the source of the problem is, Hamas. Then you have this guy Danny Danon who can’t help but criticize Obama no matter what.

    • unpluggged

      First, Danny Danon is not a diplomat but a politician and can say what he thinks. Second, you say “critisize Obama” in such a way like it’s something wrong.

  • unpluggged

    If, as he says, Russia wiped Chechnya out after a few missiles, how did it come that no Russians are left there, the power there is in the hands of a semi-wild warlord who brags that he killed his first Russian at the age of 16, and Putin pays huge tributes to him?

  • Ashley

    Good. But wrong to say Britain defended Falklands “for a few sheep”. A dictator invaded a sovereign democratic territory and the inhabitants were fighting for their land, homes and independence. Not so different from 1948.

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